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Hypnosis has for a long time being one of the most popular and most successful ways for getting rid of warts.
Warts growing on hands and fingers can be particularly annoying especially if you perform a job where your hands are constantly within your clients’ view. You can get rid of small warts on your own by using simple remedies and procedures without having to visit doctor’s office. Apple cider vinegar is famous for its cleansing and healing properties and it has been used as a home remedy for centuries.
Tea tree oil is a powerful remedy with scientifically proven antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Cryotherapy is a treatment in which the wart is treated with low temperature which causes its cells to die and fall off. I used to have problems with a particularly annoying wart that was growing around the nail on my middle finger. Warts can be quite an unsightly problem so it is understandable why many shrink from visiting doctor’s office and subjecting themselves to the embarrassment of displaying their annoying monsters. Salicylic acid dissolves warts creating the environment in which the HPV virus causing it can no longer survive. Cryotherapy is the treatment that doctors perform in their office but there are also several types of over the counter applicators which use dimethyl ether and propane to create similar freezing effect.
The application is simple and easy: just hold the applicator for about 40 seconds to the wart and the chemical will freeze its top layers. The homeopathic Thuja remedy is prepared using the leaves and twigs of a young Thuja tree, a cedar tree that grows in North America and Asia.
If you are a fan of homeopathic remedies you can apply Thuja ointment on your warts several times a day. The occurrence of persistent warts is closely connected to reduced zinc levels in human body. There are also other ways to get rid of warts naturally using the products that you can find in virtually any super market. Using duct tape to get rid of warts is the most unorthodox of all methods used to cure warts. A useful tip: to make duct tape adhere tight to your skin, apply a piece of tape and then remove it.
You can try this method with any other type of tapes (skin coloured, or some other), just make sure that the tape is air and water-tight.
Several studies have been done to look into the efficacy of this method but none of them managed to offer exact proof that duct tape really kills the wart virus.
Duct tape treatment is certainly worth trying – it is inexpensive, simple to apply and completely painless. Warts are caused by a very common form of virus that attacks us humans – human papilloma virus or HPV.
HPV virus has several forms, or strains, which are responsible for different types of warts. Warts are contagious so if you have them, please take care not to pass them on people around you or on your sexual partner. The best way to protect yourself from HPV virus is to fortify your immune system so that even if you do come in contact with the virus, you will not be infected. To remove a wart you will have to remove the wart virus (Human Papilloma Virus – HPV) living inside your skin. The common symptoms of the problem of chest congestion are pain in chest, feeling of chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, inflammation, soreness in throat, coughing etc. Set up a steamer or put hot water in a big vessel, cover your head and take the steam and inhale deeply for 10 to 15 minutes. Ginger tea is a useful home remedy that should be added to your routine life to treat and prevent the problem of chest tightness. Cayenne pepper has all the required nutrients for treating the problem of chest congestion. Garlic has anesthetic and anti inflammatory properties which can provide you complete relief from the symptoms of the problem of chest congestion like chest pain and shortness of breadth. Indian gooseberries are rich in anti oxidants and these anti oxidants are very useful for treating the problem.
Turmeric is healing in nature and it works from inside of the body to provide you maximum relief. Black pepper is anti microbial in nature and thus provides relief from the problem of chest infections. Cinnamon powder is also anti inflammatory in nature and it a very effective way to treat the factors that lead to chest congestion. It is also advisable to start consuming onions every day to treat the problem of chest congestion problem. Wart virus is not very resistant and our immune system will easily fight it once it recognizes it.
Warts are one of the most common skin conditions – almost everyone has contracted a wart sometimes in their life. Natural remedies to get rid of warts are traditional remedies that you can find in any supermarket and some of them will cost you next to nothing. Warts are very stubborn and may return if you do not manage to completely kill the virus inside your skin. Visit your GP to make sure you have warts and then decide which kind of procedure you want to try. To get rid of warts using apple cider acid, soak a piece of cotton or gauze with cider and cover the wart with it over the night. Banana is a fruit that is not commonly used in medical purposes although its peel displays strong antioxidant activity which was successfully proved in the laboratory experiments.
Pure cold pressed castor oil is an odorless and tasteless substance that has been used for centuries to cure skin disorders, burns, sunburns, cuts, and abrasions. Apply castor oil on you wart several times a day and make sure it is properly soaked and covered with the liquid. Salicylic acid is known from ancient times for its pain-easing and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera has been used for more than a thousand years in cosmetics and alternative medicine because of its rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties. Of all natural treatments, aloe vera treatment is maybe the least aggressive, yet very effective in fighting warts. Perhaps every culture has its own particular way of using self-hypnosis for getting rid of warts, though at first glance it may resemble more a superstitious belief - the fact it, it works. To avoid the embarrassment that they can cause it is very wise to get rid of warts on hands and fingers immediately when you spot them. To treat warts, you should put some vinegar on your wart several times during the day and during the night you should soak a small piece of cotton with vinegar and bandage it over your wart. Apply it several times a day and during the night soak a piece of gauze and tape it onto your wart. Rub some garlic onto your wart several times a day and during the night bandage a small piece of garlic onto the wart. It has shown great results in wart treatments and has become the key ingredient of many over the counter remedies.
Home cryotherapy applicators can be purchased in any pharmacy and they are very simple to use. This type of warts is called periungual warts and they are not only ugly, they are also very painful. Fortunately, there is a number of home remedies to get rid of warts which include simple procedures that anyone can perform in order to get rid of warts fast. Many claim that duct tape helped them remove the warts which resisted other ’more professional’ treatments. Leave the wart to dry and in the following days gently peel off the dead skin using a pumice stone or emery board.

Before going to bed, you can soak a small piece of gauze or cotton with the ointment, tape it to your wart with a medical tape, and leave it there during the night.
It worked on so many warts that researchers decided to investigate the matter and try and determine whether the stories of its success are myth or reality. Researchers believe that the tape prevents air contact and in a way ‘suffocates’ the wart cells and the virus inside. The research done in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center compared cryotherapy with duct tape treatments and the tape was significantly more effective at removing warts. The only drawback is that it can last for several weeks and that you may look weird wearing a silver patch around.
Viruses causing warts are not very resistant so the immune system will easily fight them once it recognizes them.
You will build strong immune system by consuming lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and by drinking lots of water. This virus causes skin cells to grow together and form rough bumps that we recognize as warts. The problem is not very dangerous but the repeated occurrence of the problem causes a lot of discomfort in your life. Steam is very useful in reducing the chest congestion by removing the blocked phlegm and mucus from the chest and the respiratory tract. The pain relieving and anti inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar are very effective in relieving the symptoms of chest pain, chest tightness and also relieve the mucus from the chest.
The anti inflammatory properties of ginger helps in reducing the problem chest pain and reduces the chest congestion by eliminating the mucus and phlegm effectively. The capsaicin compounds of cayenne pepper are very useful in reducing the inflammation and you also get relief from the tightness feeling very effectively. Not only this, garlic also helps in fighting the bacterial and viral infections very effectively. Not only this, Indian gooseberries also provide vitamin C on the body which improves the immunity and hence prevents the infections leading to chest congestion. The anti inflammatory properties reduce the chest pain and other symptoms very effectively.
You also get relief from the symptoms of pain, inflammation and swelling by using black pepper. Not only this, the immunity boosting properties of lemon are also useful for fighting off the infection and provides relief from the blocked mucus and phlegm in the chest. Cinnamon powder provides relief from the infections and the allergies to reduce the congestion. Onions are rich in anti inflammation and hence and best to get rid of the problem completely. The problem is that the virus is located in the top skin layer where the immune system cannot detect it.
These techniques are usually very quick and painless and in most cases require one to three interventions. Many of them rely on the use of over the counter remedies that can be found in almost any drug store. They are completely harmless, show no side effects, leave no scars but can be a bit slower than the OTC. Sometimes you will have to try several remedies until you find the one that is most effective. In our experience, OTC remedies work best provided that you stick to the instructions that go with them.
This is one of the most common infections which affect approximately 40% of human population. Scientific researches have proved its beneficial effects in lowering glucose levels, reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal activity and can help prevent heart disease and certain types of cancer (stomach and colon cancers). During the night you can place a small piece of garlic on your wart and cover it with a bandage.
There are even claims that banana peel may have capability to extract heavy metal contamination from river water.
The main component of castor oil is ricinoleic acid which exerts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Apply the solution onto your wart several times a day and particularly during the night when you can bandage it to make sure that the solution stays in contact with the wart for several hours.
Researches have shown that aloe vera may be effective in treating genital herpes, psoriasis, diabetes, elevated blood lipids and ulcerative colitis.
Rub aloe vera gel onto your wart several times a day and during the night cover it with gel and place a bandage over it. It is taken from Narrow-leaved Tea-tree (not the plant that gives leaves for brewing tea!), native to Australia. During the night, soak a small piece of gauze or cotton with oil and tape it onto your wart. In one European country, this method consists of looking up at the sky covered with stars and counting nine stars during night nights, at which point warts are suppose to vanish. Do not wait for them to grow and spread because this will make their removal even more complicated and more time consuming. The vinegar will eat out skin cells forming the wart and create the environment where the wart causing virus will not be able to survive. During the night, soak some cotton or gauze with the oil and tape it onto your wart with medical tape. Do not place garlic on the healthy skin surrounding the wart because it will cause irritation. These wart remedies come in the form of liquids, gels and patches and are very practical and effective. I had already managed to get rid of it several timed using castor oil and apple cider vinegar, but each time the wart would reappear after a few weeks. After six days remove the tape, soak the wart for ten minutes in warm water and then use a pumice stone or emery board to remove the dead skin off your wart. This treatment might cause some irritation because you will not be able to control the concentration of salicylic acid in the solution.
This treatment is completely painless but slow, it can take up to two months to remove warts. To maximize absorption you can take the zinc tablets on an empty stomach an hour before each meal.
The first piece of tape will remove the skin oil and dead cells so the next piece will stick much better.
It is also possible that the tape adhesives also play some part in this process but since various chemicals are used for that purpose there is no evidence of what effect they have on warts. Small children usually find visits to doctor’s office stressful and the methods that doctors use painful, so for them the duct tape treatment can be a perfect solution. In most cases, this virus is completely benign, the exception are genital warts which can in some cases lead to cervical cancer. Wart viruses are able to survive for long time because they live in the skin area and often pass undetected by the immune system.
The virus is located deep under your skin, which is why usually several treatments are needed in order to remove a wart for good. The main reason for the occurrence of chest congestion is the infection in the respiratory tract which could be either bacterial or viral. It is very important to take rest and add the following useful and effective home remedies for treating the congestion. You can sprinkle and add cayenne pepper powder to salad or warm water but you should add cayenne pepper to your routine to treat the chest congestion problem. Not only this, turmeric can also improve your immunity to get relief from the serious infections.

Mix some black pepper powder in warm water with honey and consume the mixture slowly to treat chest congestion. If you contracted a wart that is a clear sign that at some point your immune system had become weak.
Some of them will directly kill the virus but most of them will simply help remove the excessive skin forming the wart and thus cause the immune system reaction which will eventually kill the virus. The advantage of these remedies is that they are cheaper than medical treatments and can be performed at home.
Also, the remedy or the procedure that helped your friend get rid of warts may not work with you.
If you have small warts, or if they are located in the places where they cause no aesthetic problem and you are in no hurry to get rid of them over night, you can try out natural remedies to get rid of warts. If you happened to develop a few warts, have no worries, there are many ways to get rid of warts naturally using products that you can purchase in almost any supermarket. It is traditionally used for weight loss and some recent studies have found that vinegar may even be able to kill cancer cells or slow their growth. You will probably feel some throbbing pain that will indicate that the cider is dissolving the substance that causes skin cells to stick together and form wart. It can reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure and it has been used for centuries to prevent and fight the common cold. The chemicals and oils in the peel will dissolve the wart and help your immune system fight off the virus that caused it in the first place. Clean the wart in the morning and the following night soak it in warm water and rub off the dead skin before reapplying the oil again. The solution will slowly eat away the dead skin on your wart causing it to grow dark, shrink and eventually fall off. Aloe vera has been used as an immune-stimulant that aids in fighting cancers in cats and dogs but this treatment has not yet been tested on humans.
It is very beneficial when applied topically due to its antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic qualities. Sometimes you will have to try out several treatments before discovering which one works best for you. From the perspective of hypnosis, this method helps the person to create a sense of belief and expectation, which engage the person's subconscious, or the intelligence of one's body, acts upon the belief and expectation and gets rid of the warts.While such methods may work wonderfully with children who still believe in magic and don't ask how and why would that be possible - this hypnosis program uses more traditional hypnosis techniques as it is geared toward adults. This procedure may hurt a little, but take that as a good sign, this will indicate that the wart is slowly shrinking and disappearing.
The oil will eat away the excessive skin that is forming the wart and it will soon turn dark in colour.
The treatment consists of subjecting the wart to the acid for a long period of time during which the acid will dissolve the skin growth around the virus causing it to die. Finally I decided to combat it for good so I purchased a salicylic acid liquid with a small brush applicator. To avoid this, you can try some over the counter remedies containing salicylic acid which come in the form of liquids, foam and pads. If you use this treatment for a long period of time battling particularly stubborn wart take care not to cause nerve damage or scarring of your skin. If you feel slight nausea or if you feel like going to vomit, simply decrease the dose (or avoid taking it on an empty stomach). It is also believed that this method causes local inflammatory reaction which triggers off the immune system reaction that kills the wart virus. You can make the treatment even more interesting by cutting the tape into different shapes (heart, cloud, flower…) before pasting it on the child’s skin.
Women between age 16 and 26 should receive Gardasil vaccine which can protect them against four different types of HPV, two of which are responsible for 75% cervical cancer cases. The infection leads to the production of phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tract and this in turn makes the chest area congested.
Some of these treatments may hurt but have no fear, it is not the kind of pain that cannot be sustained, just keep in mind that soon you will be wart free and you will not feel it at all.
Sometimes people spend time and money only to have their warts return after several weeks or months. They do not leave scars (apart from cryotherapy which can leave scars if not performed according to the prescribed procedure). Surgery and other procedures performed by doctors should be reserved for the most serious cases – when there is a history of recurrent warts, if there is a serious warts infestation or if there are warts that resist all other treatments.
The procedure can be a little painful and although it is recommended to repeat it daily, you can sometimes skip a day to let your scab recover. This procedure may cause irritation because you will not be able to control the concentration of salicylic acid in the solution. It has beneficial cosmetic properties and is sometimes used in small concentrations in shampoos against dandruff.
The use of tea tree oil is very safe although you should take care not to get it in the eyes because it causes burning sensation.
To learn about some other home remedies to cure warts please read another article from our site here.
However, if you are a grown up, with a well-developed creative imagination and enjoy living in the world of magic and miracles, then you may as well try the above method first.In short, when using hypnosis, belief and expectation equal successful results, whatever creative method you may choose to use. I used to apply it on my wart whenever I could while I was at home and during the night I would put ample amounts of acid on it and cover it with adhesive plaster. Apply the remedy every 24 hours and in the meantime soak your wart in warm water and peal the dead skin with a pumice stone or emery board.
After six days, soak the wart in warm water for 10 minutes and file down the dead skin with an emery board or pumice stone.
With so many successful remedies, there is really no reason for you to undergo these procedures and waste money and time on them.
Depending on the size and type of warts, it should take you from several days to several weeks to get rid of them using banana peel.
Besides, use of concentrated solutions of salicylic acid may cause hyper pigmentation on unpretreated skin for those with darker skin types.
Before reapplying the oil, soak the wart in warm water for 5 -10 minutes and then rub off the dead skin. You will have to repeat the procedure several times until you completely eliminate the wart.
Leave it uncovered to dry during the night and in the morning cover it again with a new piece of duct tape. To avoid this, you should use some of the OTC remedies that contain the salicylic acid and come in the form of liquids, gels, bandages and adhesive discs. This wart treatment is very effective – if you use it daily, the wart should disappear within a few days. During the day, while I was in the office, I kept the adhesive tape on, and when I was at home I would leave the wart open to dry. Doctors believe that the irritation that is caused by this treatment triggers off your immune system to fight off the virus. This treatment is considered safe but it is recommended for seniors and diabetics to consult their doctor before trying it. Vitamins A, E and C and Propolis will also help your immune system to stay strong and impenetrable. Like all other warts, they too can successfully be cured, but leave them to the professionals to avoid unnecessary complications. Before reapplying the vinegar, soak the wart in warm water for ten minutes and scrape the dead skin off.

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