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If you have a wart, there are several ways to treat it, including using salicylic acid, duct tape, retinoid cream, cantharidin or freezing.
Another option is cantharidin, which is a chemical that kills the wart and skin beneath it.
Warts – this is a kind of growths on the skin that are caused by exposure to the virus, HPV. If you beat the warts on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands, prepare special treatment cake. Take the patch, cut a hole in it the shape and diameter of the warts, to delete or even a little more.

And, most importantly, do not touch warts, papilloma virus is easily transmitted not only a stranger, but to himself. Warts are easily spread through simple human contact, especially when there is a break in the skin.
As long as the wart in not irritated or broken, salicylic acid can be applied twice a day directly to the wart. One of the most effective treatments for removing warts is freezing them with liquid nitrogen. This usually works after the very first treatment, and can be done at home or in a doctor’s office.

Naturally trip to the doctor has not been canceled, and we will tell you how to get rid of warts with folk remedies. You can also use retinoid cream to help stop the growth of warts, but it generally doesn’t work as well as salicylic acid.

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