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Solutions for Lake & Pond Weeds, Algae, Muck, Milfoil, Hydrilla , Lyly Pads, Cattails and more! The WEEDERS DIGEST was developed for the benefit of our friends and neighbors who cherish one of the greatest natural resources that we have or ever will be given and are seeking new and innovative ways to address problematic aquatic plant issues such as milfoil, hydrilla, curly leaf pond weed and sediment or lake muck removal. Our products offer much more than just lake rakes, under water weed cutters, and lake muck removal tools. Weeds grow from seeds, tubers, and root systems of plants that are introduced into your lawn. One key to successful weed control efforts is to reduce the potential for weed germination. Your weedy lawn may clear up like a bad teenage complexion, but ignore it and neglect it, and it will be back.
The AquaThruster Blower is our #1 selling product designed to maintain your shoreline for years to come. We provide resources and education to arm the lakeshore owner with better techniques and alternatives to potentially harmful chemicals.

They typically hire professional lawn care companies, or even take a stab at lawn care themselves.
However, with the proper plan you can reduce your lawn’s need for weed control in the future. The majority of weeds arrive in seed forms, coming in with poor-quality seed mixtures, blown in by the wind, dropped in by birds, and most importantly they’ve been there for many years. Be sure to treat your lawn to a proactive lawn care program that keeps the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out.
It works for everyone and any situation no matter how helpless you may feel about your current issues. Weeds need very little encouragement to grow and stay alive, and in very little time they start to take over lawns, choking out the desired turfgrasses.
Seeds from weeds in these areas can remain viable for over 50 years in some instances, and there are A LOT of weed seeds in your soil. Seeding your lawn regularly, as well as a good fertilizer program will help your lawn to be thick, reducing weed growth.

They are systemic and are selective in that they generally injure or control broadleaf weeds without injuring your grass. These herbicides are readily absorbed by the foliage and usually translocate relatively well and, in some cases, all the way down into the root system.
Weed control materials will work quickest when the plants are actively growing with ample moisture and moderate temperatures.
After 3-14 days after application weeds will begin to twist and curl and even change colors.

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