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You know the story: you finally muster up the guts to purchase the perfect white handbag and to your dismay, the bozo sitting next to you on the train accidentally leaves a pen stain on it while writing in his "diary." What to do? I have found that Method Surface Wipes, $4, are the best way to get rid of pen marks, denim stains and dirt on your crisp white bag. Black spot on white part of eye - eye care - medhelp, Im 70 years old three days a go i noticed a black spot on my right eye. Black spots on whites of eyes - eye care - medhelp, My son has had black spots black spots on whites of eyes « back to i have brown mark on white part of my eye..
Seraphina Affleck sported a unique and adorable accessory when she tagged along with her mom, Jennifer Garner, to run errands in Santa Monica yesterday while wearing a party crasher headband.
Pinupsweetheart wanted to know, so I'm here to say that it's okay to panic for a minute, but you must get over it fast and do something before it's too late.

You should always have a ziploc baggie full sitting at your desk at work and at home because you never know when or where the stain will hit.
But on this season's runways, it was even more bombshell than usual, and came in a lot more textures and colors than just blonde and straight. Prestige A4 Nona Garson split end girth This features roller buckles on both ends and one elastic end for ease of use. Also, these are biodegradable and eco-friendly so the chemicals are more gentle on the delicate leather.
Over the weekend, Seraphina skipped a family trip to the farmers market with dad Ben Affleck and siblings Violet and Samuel. If it's too late and the pen stain won't come off, you can always dab a bit of good ol' whiteout on it!

She may have been busy with other activities as she has been attending ballet classes several times in the past week. And for the future, try not to sit next to someone that is frantically writing an essay on the train.

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