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You can also add Epson salt or sea salt in the bath water to help drying of the infected area fast.
A pack made of turmeric and light mud can be applied on the infected areas twice daily to get rid of ringworms. A visit to a skin specialist before the application of medicine is important if the ringworms on your skin refuse to get cured within a few weeks or are spreading fast. Carpet beetles (Family Dermestidae) are actually very common in homes, though not often seen in numbers large enough to attract attention.
The fungi causing ringworms lives in the human body itself, but multiplies beyond which is useful for the body.
After the extract is applied, remember to cover the ringworm with a breathable cotton cloth or a bandage.
If this process causes itching of skin, mix olive oil or coconut oil with the tea tree oil and then apply. While the former can be added in food and has no taste of its own, the latter must be consumed as a tablet or syrup.
Therefore you must never use the clothes, towel, comb or brush of a person suffering from ringworms and neither should that person use yours. You must also stay in a moisture free environment in order to ensure killing of the ringworm fungi.

As you might guess from their common name, carpet beetles feed on carpets and other products made from similar materials. They have the unusual ability to digest keratin, the structural proteins in animal or human hair, skin, or fur. What are these tiny black bugs in my house?!Tiny Black Bugs in Your Home Could Be Carpet BeetlesDid they crunch when you squashed them? In your home, they might be chomping on clothing made of wool or silk, or even feeding on cereals stored in your pantry. As an insect enthusiast, I never recommend unnecessary bug squashing (and most bug squashing is unnecessary, since the vast majority of insects on the planet do us no harm whatsoever). They tend to wander from their food source, though, so people usually notice them on walls or floors.In general, carpet beetles are tiny, with many species measuring a mere 2-3 millimeters long – about the size of a pinhead.
Some are indeed, black, or dark enough in color to appear black when observed with the human eye.
Carpet beetles are covered in tiny hairs, but this will be difficult to see unless you look at them very closely.Carpet beetle larvae are elongated, and appear to be fuzzy or hairy. In large numbers, they can do significant damage to sweaters and other clothing, or may infest pantry items. You just need to do some thorough housecleaning in the areas where carpet beetles tend to live.Clean your pantry.

Check all of your food storage areas – cabinets, pantries, and extra storage areas in garages or basements – for live carpet beetle adults and larvae, and for shed skins.
If you find any signs of the tiny black bugs around your food, discard the cereals, grains, flour, and other items from the locations where you see signs of infestation. When you replace these food items, store them properly in airtight containers made of plastic or glass.Now clean out your closets and dressers. If you find signs of carpet beetles – adults, larvae, or shed skins – take items that can't be laundered in water to your local dry cleaner. Wipe down the insides of drawers and the shelves in your closets with a household cleaner, not a pesticide. Vacuum the floor of your closet thoroughly, and use a crevice tool to get behind baseboards and in corners as best you can. Carpet beetles tend to hide under furniture legs, so move furniture and vacuum thoroughly underneath.

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