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Well, it’s either you’ve had them for quite some time already or you only found out that you have them just recently and now you’re looking for ways on how to get rid of white stretch marks.
Regardless of the cause of white stretch marks, pregnancy, obesity, puberty, bodybuilding or weight gain and loss, the treatments for them are more or less the same. For the home remedies on how to get rid of white stretch marks to yield faster results, there are also other steps you need to take. The easiest way of combating stretch marks is through prevention because just like all other skin conditions, prevention is always better than cure. In case the ways on how to get rid of white stretch marks that you tried don’t work, avoid exposing yourself to harsh and extreme methods because it increases your risk of suffering from other ailments and infections. Stretch marks are fine white lines that appear because of sudden weight gain or weight loss. Regular massaging of the skin with coco butter will benefit your skin in a number of ways and stretch marks removal is only one of them. Aloe Vera is known to stimulate collagen production which is a protein that plays an important role in supporting and strengthening body’s tissues. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Stretch marks are those unsightly pink, red and purple streaks that signify that your skin has been over-stretched. Keep your skin hydrated, as this will make it more supple and able to heal itself quickly, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Eat foods rich in the following nutrients: vitamins A and C (citrus fruits), vitamin E (nuts and seeds), zinc (nuts and oysters) and protein (meat). Use over-the-counter topical creams containing retinyl palmitate, a derivative of vitamin A. Although over-the-counter retinyl palmitate creams will not be as potent as prescription retinoic acid creams, they may help.
Skin moles, often called "beauty marks" in popular fashion, can be found on all parts of the body. The sad truth about these marks, regardless of their color, is that they cannot be totally removed but treatments are available to at least minimize their appearance so that come the summer months, you’re ready to go to the beach without worrying about stretch marks. It’s very common for some people to opt for laser surgery which is peformed by a doctor to lighten the appearance of stretch marks but since it’s quite expensive, not a lot are able to afford the procedure. There are people who find egg whites smelly and icky but inspite of this, they actually work wonders because they are rich in proteins that help rejuvenate the skin.
Not only does this product help cure stretch marks but other skin problems as well like pimples, fine lines, moles, dark spots, age spots and wrinkles.

Considered as one of the most effective answers on how to get rid of white stretch marks, sugar can exfoliate the skin to make it look like there was never a mark on it before. You should have heard about this answer on how to get rid of white stretch marks because aloe vera has long been used by many people in curing different skin problems. If you start leading a healthier way of life, it would not take long before you can see the results of your efforts.
It is also important that you limit your sun visiblity and apply sunblock for your efforts on how to get rid of white stretch marks to show faster results.
One of the best things you can do to realize faster results is keep the affected area moisturized. The doctor may recommend the right medicines which can help prevent the occurence of stretch marks.
Those who are looking for ways on how to get rid of white stretch marks should keep in mind that it can take some time before they would realize the results of their efforts. If you can’t eradicate them completely, you can try and live with stretch marks instead because quite frankly, the effect that they have are amost always psychological.
As it can be understood from the name itself stretch marks involve stretching of the skin because of any number of reasons such as pregnancy, puberty, muscle building, etc. It serves in moisturizing the skin and making the skin more elastic which in turn prevents stretch marks in the first place and also ease them if they have already appeared on the skin. Coco butter is known to have anti-oxidants that can help in fixing the elasticity of the skin. Because of this factor aloe vera gel can go deep into the layers of the skin and nourish it. Aloe vera has the capability to mend the injury done to the tissues of the skin and diminish stretch marks.
Honey contains elements that aids in healing and for erasing stretch marks you need to heal the over stretched tissues. They often appear on the stomach, arms, neck and buttocks, typically because of pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain.
Physical activity ramps up the production of internal repair mechanisms known as heat shock proteins, according to a study in Sports Medicine in 2009 by JP Morton. A fraction of all retinyl palmitate molecules convert into retinoic acid (tretinoin), a compound that incites skin repair.
When we say rejuventate, this means that the skin is rebuilt to make it looking fresh and new like never before. All you need to do in using this method is apply castor oil directly on the skin then gently massage the area for around 15 minutes.
The nutrients found in this home remedy are effective treatments for eczema, acne and burns because of their soothing properties that increase the growth of new skin cells reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It has been confirmed already that eating healthy leads to the fast removal of white stretch marks.

If you can’t help but go outdoors to run an errand, wear protective clothing to not expose your skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Choose a quality brand and apply it on the skin every day for weeks until you see the results.
Well, if you use the home remedies on how to get rid of white stretch marks like the ones listed above, you’ll never go wrong because all of them do not have side effects to worry about. However, with the help of some home remedies you can be successful in lightening these marks. It is suggested that you make a habit of rubbing almond oil every day on the area where you have stretch marks. By applying it over the stretch marks you will provide nourishment to your skin for repairing the damaged skin tissues. It can also be applied every day for ensuring that you do not have to suffer from stretch marks ever. Honey can be used in combination with a number of other natural ingredients such as lemon, aloe vera, etc. Though they typically fade into white lines within a year on their own, you can take the problem into your own hands and eliminate them even faster. Apply thick moisturizer to the skin around the stretch marks daily after you shower, when skin is moist.
A study published in 1996 in the Archives of Dermatology by Sewon Kang and colleagues found that retinoic acid reduces the appearance of stretch marks in 80 percent of patients. Apply egg whites to the white stretch marks three times every day then watch how this method of how to get rid of white stretch marks Within just a few weeks or months, you would see those unsightly marks fading away. After massaging it, cover your skin with a clean cloth then apply a little amount of heat on it. You can also have this mixture applied in other parts of the body with skin problems rubbing this gently over the affected areas for ten minutes or more every day. Cut fresh leaves of the aloe vera plant then apply their juice on the area covered with stretch marks. For your convenience, do this before taking a bath so you won’t have to wash your body way too often. You would notice an amazing change in the affected skin area within 4 weeks only if you practice this procedure every day. Now you can wash the affected area with lukewarm water. When you are trying to remove stretch marks with home remedies or even with beauty products you have to be realistic and accept this fact that you cannot be completely rid of them once you have developed stretch marks.

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