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AdwCleaner is best adware remover program which let you to get rid of adware from your computer.
You have experienced that your computer is cluttered  with unwanted programs that takes time to load on computer start up. Once you download and run the application adwcleaner you will presented with screen that contains a Scan & clean button.
When browsing the web, it is very difficult to avoid malware, even if you exercise caution and use advanced security software. WiperSoft is a user-friendly piece of software that can help you remove potential threats from your computer in a couple of easy steps. WiperSoft is remarkably easy-to-use, as you only need to click the Scan button and let the application do its thing. Once the process has been completed, WiperSoft displays a list of all the encountered threats, along with useful info about each of them. While inexperienced users may not find this to be a major issue, the scanning parameters cannot be altered in any way. For instance, you cannot specify which locations should be analyzed or set up a custom filter.
WiperSoft features a minimalistic interface that keeps things simple and has a modern, streamlined feel. The application can also be sent to the system tray, which may be useful if you want to perform other tasks while running a scan.
On the whole, WiperSoft is a great tool for users who need a simple, no-nonsense malware remover that can help them get rid of unwanted applications and other dangerous software components. Provides support for 3rd party protocol plug-ins for Internet Connection Sharing and the Windows Firewall. Provides management for applications that require assistance in a multiple user environment. Indexes contents and properties of files on local and remote computers; provides rapid access to files through flexible querying language. Enables an authorized user to access this computer remotely by using NetMeeting over a corporate intranet.
Collects performance data from local or remote computers based on preconfigured schedule parameters, then writes the data to a log or triggers an alert. Provides network signaling and local traffic control setup functionality for QoS-aware programs and control applets. I prefer “Never Notify” since I use other security software which makes UAC an unneeded feature! CCleaner is a free little application that allows you to clear almost all kinds of temporary files, program caches, browsing history and more!
We all know that Windows 7 has its own defragmenter but its just a basic one, for a better one download Defraggler. Some servers may not support pipelining, which makes them slower to load when pipelining is on.

When you have a lot of memory (ram) in your computer and you keep Firefox open all the time, you can increase the size of the cache memory. Because Firefox stores data in your RAM while browsing its faster when you have a large cache, so the pages don’t have to reload. Install Adblock Plus now to regain control of the internet and change the way that you view the web.
When experimenting a lot with Android you have a a pretty high chance of getting a bootloop once, but also if you install an other rom and still use the dalvik-cache of the previous rom. When you have a bootloop, you will notice that the boot process of your phone keeps looping and looping.
This guide will teach you the common ways of fixing a bootloop, how to create a custom CWM Fix-Zip and how to use ADB to recover from a bootloop. Think of system apps that are compiled incorrectly, permissions that are not set correctly, files from other devices and even an init.d script, everything is possible. To find the cause of a bootloop you have to think about what you did before getting the bootloop. Choose one of the following reasons that caused the bootloop for you and try out its solution. Android is very dependent on the right permissions, if you adjust file permissions incorrectly you could get a bootloop, giving a file to less permissions would break it, but also giving a file to much permissions would break it. Using the original cwm zip (of the mod) is the easiest way, since the zip is already created for you, you only need to replace the files with the original rom files. Once you got the same files as present in the original CWM zip you can easily drag em into the archive, then choose “store” as compression level, easy as that. If you can’t get the file on your sdcard because you don’t have an external sdcard or you can’t reach your internal sdcard (which is very likely when you have a bootloop), you can use ADB to push the zip to your phone, read about how to use ADB in Chapter 3. ADB can be used to access the phone while booting, be aware that some bootloops make it unable to use ADB since they do not go further then the manufacturer logo.
The only tricky part about using ADB with bootloops is that you have to do it on the right time, this is different from every device, but normally it’s after the manufacturer logo that the partitions get mounted.
This script will wait for the device to become ready, when it’s ready it freeze the device, so the script has more time to push the file (instead of keep rebooting).
I assume you already installed the Samsung USB Drivers, unpacked and you downloaded the files to your phone. When you successfully opened the recovery menu you can use the Volume+ and Volume- button to scroll trough the menu. When your phone is successfully rooted you can start uninstalling some stock apps that you don’t want.
I used Samsung Kies software to update the firmware but it got stuck and I had to disconnect my phone from the PC. The worst thing about this BSOD is that you are unable to get in recovery mode, which makes things allot harder.
You can read this tutorial if your phone is bricked, but also if you want to flash a new rom to your Samsung Galaxy S Plus.

The only difference is that when you got a bricked phone its way trickier to get in Download mode. This application can download files to your phone even if your phone doesn’t boot properly. What it does for you, search for deletes adwares, Potentially unwanted program (PUP), Toolbars, & Browser Hijackers from your PC.
When ever you visited a web page you have presented with extra advertisement  or popups  and your main browser homepage such as Google or Bing has changed to other website. First you scan your computer for unwanted programs then display all files, folders, and registry entries found on your computer.
Unwanted applications, toolbars or other malicious components may be installed without your knowledge, and getting rid of them is not always that simple. It does not offer any advanced features, but it is well suited for novices and very unobtrusive.
The program displays the current progress in percentage form and records the total duration, while also letting you know which location is currently being scanned and how many threats have been located so far. If this service is disabled, this computer will not be able to use the Automatic Updates feature or the Windows Update Web site. If the service is stopped, features such as Windows Update, and MSN Explorer will be unable to automatically download programs and other information. If the service is stopped, ClipBook Viewer will not be able to share information with remote computers.
Now press OK to complete, you will have to restart your computer now for the changes to take effect.
Now you can use the following tweaks to make Firefox faster!, you can use the filter for easy searching. Now it will ask for a compression level, choose “Store” and the archive will be done in seconds. The easiest way to enter your phone in this part is using a batch script that monitors the state of your device and connects directly when possible. Then it will push the specified cwmfix zip to your sdcard, and after that it will reboot in recovery so you can install the cwm fix you made.
This is free best adware remover program that help you to get rid of adware listed on Cnet, Softonic & Filehippo. By Using Adw Cleaner you will experience better computer performance after removal of unwanted programs. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it may fail to transfer files if they do not have a fail safe mechanism to transfer files directly through IE in case BITS has been disabled.

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