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Sometimes while working with windows there appears an error informing – This copy of Windows is not genuine, then you may be a victim of software counterfeiting. This copy of Windows is not Genuine is probably one of the most annoying errors experienced by windows users.
In today’s world, you almost rely upon your computer to work for you and to run your business. The real advantage is when there is a problem, you can claim or find online solutions for original OS, but for pirated you can’t.
Upon getting error likeA This copy of Windows is not genuine you need to scan your system and look out for any malware activity prevailing on your system. Download,A  install and update MalwareBytes Anti-Malware but do not enable the Real-Time Protection offer.
Even after removing the virus, if the problem still persists then you need to activate the windows. If you don’t have the activation key then you need to get it from the Microsoft online.
This article tells you how to deal with this error and how to correct it, so the message does not continuously disrupt your work. Step 1: First and foremost, you need to log in to your Windows OS and generate your Command Prompt software. Step 4: Once the execution is complete, a dialogue box will appear on your screen that will prompt that the command had been executed successfully.
The “Windows 7 Not Genuine” error is a very common and often found error among users who use a pirated version of the Operating System. Getting Not Genuine Error is quite common if you are not using a genuine version of Windows 7 or another version. Note: method is not working anymore as the developer has removed the download link for the software. The first method would fix this error for you as the users have reported it to be working perfectly fine. Don’t download the installer, it is malware and installs a virus on to your computer, luckily my vipre security is awesome. When you go back to your desktop, the notice in the right lower corner will no longer be there. At Techswatch, we cover latest how-to-tech tutorials, review web, mobile and PC apps and share useful tips and tricks.
The reason behind the error is that the windows OS that you are using is not activated or it’s not a genuine one. The possible cause behind the error may be the copy of windows is not genuine or the system is affected by virus or malware.

You store thousands of photos, music collections, and important documents; you make purchases, enter personal information, and search the Web. Pirated OS is absolutely same as Genuine OS apart from updates and some Microsoft product support. Type CMD.EXE in the Search box, right-click on the only file that is found, Select Run as Administrator, the Elevated Command Prompt window should pop up.
Enter the activation key that is provided with the operating system CD, it will activate the windows and remove the error. A message saying “This version of Windows is not genuine” keeps appearing at the bottom of the screen every few minutes, making your computer experience very irritating or downright annoying. This is when the user understands that the entire process has been carried out in the correct manner.
The over occurrence of the error message makes it extremely disturbing for the user while using the computer, or during some work. A message “ This copy of Windows is not genuine error “ pops up at the bottom in every few minutes, this is because Windows genuine checker checks whether the installed Windows 7 version is genuine or not. When you restart your system, you’ll not be annoyed with “ Not genuine error” anymore. However, one of the issue some readers face with this method is that it only block this message for a month or so and then will start bugging the users with same error message. Upon using an operating system for a while, it asks for its activation code to be recognized as a genuine one. Obtaining and using pirated software can pose a serious security threat to organizations and individuals.
This happens because the Windows genuine checker keeps checking the genuineness of your operating system and in case you do not have a genuine Windows 7 Operating system, or are using some other version of the Operating System, this error is bound to appear.
This has to be typed under the “Run as Administrator” command for it to work in a proper manner. The error may seem like a difficult one while it occurs, but the detecting and its cure quite a simple process if followed properly.
However,  this message is frustrating for the users who have installed a Genuine version of Windows 7, but still getting this message continuously.
In the Run window, type in rsop.msc and hit enter to open the Resultant Set of Policy window.
If you are not comfortable with the first command prompt method to fix not a genuine error on your Windows 7 PC, you can opt for the second or third method to make your Windows 7 Genuine. Often, counterfeit software is bundled with malicious and unwanted software that can lead to a corrupted system, a loss of data, and even identity theft.
You will be told that the drive is locked, and the CHKDSK will run at the next boot,A  hit the Y key, and then reboot.

If the above mentioned steps are followed properly, your “Not Genuine” error will be cured in no time at all. Now,  if you are wondering about how to fix this Not Genuine error in Windows 7 PC, this will article will guide you through required steps to get rid of this error. Don’t forget to share this and leave your comments if you found it working to help other readers. Many people might advised you to get a genuine copy of windows from Microsoft in-order to solve it. While purchasing a new system always ensure that your system is installed with a genuine OS. Windows is the operating system and the brain behind everything you do on your computer; you can help protect your data by installing only genuine Windows.
Before letting you the solution, first we’ll say you everything about this copy of windows is not genuine error in windows. I know your computer is doing very good till last night and you noticed this message at the right bottom of the screen suddenly after system restart.It happens if you are using pirated copy of windows operating system. You might have enabled Automatic updates on your PC and recently you have connected your machine to internet. After giving your computer internet access, it automatically checks whether your computer is running on genuine copy of windows or not. It will decrease burden on you and I will helps to solve windows is not genuine message easily.Well!
It will display RUN box and type cmd and press OKA black box will get displayed on your screen and carefully type below lines and press ENTERSLMGR -REARM Wait for few seconds.
Please Restart the system for the Changes to Take effect“ and finally Press OK Your computer will restart now and it will do remaining job by its own. As method above, I mean command prompt may won’t work on all devices but Remove WAT will surely works like a charm. Once done, you’re free from this copy of windows is not genuine error.Check Video Tutorial to fix windows is not genuineMaybe there are many other ways to solve this copy of windows is not genuine error message but the above mentioned ways to solve windows is not genuine error is simple among all available options. His Interest on Technology and Social Media made him an Internet addict and finally a blogger. Spammers and bots, Go Home; we won't encourage spam commenting hereLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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