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Windows Security System is a fake program that leads users to a scamware portal where they are asked to pay for non-existing computer security and repair services.
Once this virus has got into your system, it will disable some features like task manager and REGEDIT tools. Please keep in your mind, Windows Security System is not just a popping up bug, but it may steal your private data like bank account infos and cards, it may disable your legitimate security program and some important windows functions, it may also bring new malwares to your PC from remote server using your internet connection. In other words, it is a rogue virus that intimates to be a powerful antivirus and then tries to convince the user to buy its full version. Windows Security System also tries its best to steal your money by asking you to buy its useless full version. Then Windows Security System appears on your screen acting like if its scanning your system for viruses.

Thus it is recommended to remove this virus from your infected computer as soon as possible.
After a few seconds, it reports that it has detected numerous infections on your computer that may damage your system, so you must remove them very shortly. These warnings will keep poping up on your screen continuously from now until you remove the virus. Windows SecuritySystem malware is a bit different then recently launched a huge serial of rogue viruses. You should not worry about these alerts and warnings as they are fake, any virus infections mentioned in these popups do not exist in your system really. The interface of Windows Security System is changed, also it displays fake alerts about some different virus files.

Windows Security System displays fake virus files detected to scare you so you`d use its paid services to clean your PC.
But beware, these changes do not mean that it is a good program, malware creators have made these changes to trick more and more people trusting Windows Security System.

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