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Acting promptly and properly (remember: never rub a stain, and always spot check) is your best line of defense against these unwelcome surprises. There are a few ways to tackle a splash of tannins and luckily they involve kitchen staples that you most likely have on hand. Even if you’re squeaky clean, natural body oils can leave unsightly marks on collared shirts after just one wear. Ingrie Williams is a stylist, editor and writer who specializes in translating the latest fashion and beauty trends into real looks for real women.
Extremely well-known amongst theater and wardrobe departments all over New York City (and there are a lot), Manhattan Wardrobe Supply is also for the “everyday” person!
If the item doesn’t have a ‘dry clean only’ tag all may not be not lost if a bit of wine or drip of salad-dressing has landed on you.

An old toothbrush and a bit of regular shampoo (sulfates are necessary to breakup the grease) will help buff out these marks quickly. An at-home treatment can work, but if your tote is truly precious it’s best to whisk it off to pro. This is why they have chosen to put RAISE Armpit Stain Remover on their store shelves and even more conveniently on their website.
If you find yourself out and about doing some holiday shopping, you can pop in to their conveniently located store at 245 West 29th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10001. Then reach for a good ol’ fashioned glass of milk, dabbing the stain with a milk-moistened clean cloth or soaking the garment until the stain disappears. Use a piece of tape to remove most of the waxy substance from the fabric, then gently dab talcum powder on to the remaining stain to lift it out.

Sprinkle table salt on the stain (it will absorb the red wine), stretch the stain over a bowl and then gently pour boiling water over the area to flush it away.
It’s best to aim for a little height when pouring the water to help push the stain out.

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