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Testimonials“You may be certain that I always recommend your company with enthusiasm whenever someone asks me why my lawn looks so good. Again, control is best and most-safely achieved by the professional pest management service with proper equipment, training, and materials. If you would like to learn more about controlling Yellow Jackets and other pests please don’t hesitate to contact us. Yellow jacket (or yellow-jacket) is the usual name in North America for predatory wasps of the genus Vespula and Dolichovespula. Yellow jackets and bees pose problems for families with young children who want to play outdoors. Yellow Jackets are very protective of their nests and can be very aggressive if threatened.
If you notice an abundance of individuals making their way inside of your structure, this is a good indication that the colony is inside your structure.
Their paper-covered nests are often underground, or may be built in wall voids, attics, crawl spaces, rodent holes in the ground, and in bushes & shrubs, with the population exceeding 5000 workers by late summer.

A very small portion of the reproductive individuals overwinter each year, and choose a new nesting spot each spring. Often times, property owner’s locate a nest on their property through an unfortunate accident of getting stung while working outside. There can be the possibility for multiple stinging insect nests on even a small home in just one year. They also, at times, attempt their own bee extermination methods, trying to rid their site of these vicious pests. A trained technician from a reputable pest control service can study the site and learn where the activity is originating from.
This is why a Quarterly Pest Control Service with free call-backs is a valuable option versus a one-time pest control treatment. The novice exterminators often realize that Yellow Jacket control should only be attempted by a trained professional wearing appropriate protective gear. Yellow Jackets workers will leave and return to their nest frequently during warm weather as they gather food from plants.

The technician will find the main entrance to the nest and inject an insecticidal dust into these areas. The dust will float into recesses in walls making a more thorough application than a liquid material which will just run down vertically from its application point. This dust has very low toxicity to humans and animals, but works very well on the stinging insects.
They live in close quarters, so it’s not long until they carry the materials to the rest of the colony.

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