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Sweatex is a disposable, thin, self sticking underarm dress pad that solves the underarm sweat issues. Join thousands of men & women and enjoy everyday freshness at work, home and social gatherings without ever thinking about underarm stains and odors. Unfortunately in addition to cooling off, sweat marks leave cloths stained, smelly and drab- a real bummer when you’ve shelled out good money for your wardrobe.
Sweatex India has been in business since 2004.  Our customers spread across the globe from Malta to Australia and Sweatex has presence  in over 6 countries.

Unlike bleach, which is not effective for yellow stains, OxiClean can be used for any color of shirt. This is most helpful when wearing a dress shirt, but sometimes, depending on the style of an article of clothing, wearing an undershirt is not possible. When it comes to looking sharp, there is nothing more uncomfortable than lifting your arms to reveal yellow, pit stained cloths. Advanced deodorants that reduce wetness by an additional 40 percent have larger quantities of aluminum.

Wikipedia states that it prevents sweat from leaving the body and obstructs pores in the skin.

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