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We all feel pressure at one point or another, and with that pressure usually comes a lot of perspiration.
The same products that prevent you from perspiring, and your perspiration itself, are the very same items that cause those nasty yellow armpit stains.
Aluminum-based antiperspirants contain pretty high levels of acid, and also have compounds that add to the staining process. Human sweat contains traces of ureaa€”same stuff found in urinea€”which also has compounds that contribute to the staining, or more accurately "dying" of fabrics. EXAMPLE: These compounds will dye white fabrics yellow, while dying dark fabrics a lighter color. 3 Tips For Armpit Stain PreventionEveryone seems to have some crazy method or concoction to rid your fabrics of sweat stains.
Ways To Stop Yellow Pit StainsWearing a barrier Between you and your garments can completely stop stains from occurring.
By putting your antiperspirant on right after you shower or bathe, and right before you go to bed at night (allow it to totally dry before putting on any fabrics), you can reduce the overall amount of perspiration released from under your arms. The 4 products (at right) that best help to remove stains from your clothing may be quite familiar to you. Aspirin - Make a powder using 2 or 3 high-dose aspirin tablets by crushing them in a sealed baggie.
The main ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, which attacks the compounds found in sweat, breaking up the stain so it can be easily washed away. Sweat Stain Laundry TipsBe sure to get the sweat stain removal solutions on the inside of the clothing where fabric actually touches skin. We all know that black can hide sweat stains remarkably well, but did you know that most other solid color fabrics can make those stains stand out? No matter what material you choose, remember that the pattern and design will still play a roll in hiding nasty sweat stains.
What You Think Really Does Matter!Do you know someone who has problems with yellow sweat stains?
In ClosingAdding these tips to your "armpit sweat stain" arsenal is sure to bring a confident stride to your day.
K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author moonlake~ That s very interesting about Dial hygiene products. Alecia Murphy 3 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina I didn't know aspirin would be good for removing sweat stains. K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author stephhicks68~ Wow, two teens, that can be a lot of nervous perspiration!
K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author Daisy Mariposa~ You are too kind, ma'am. K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author TToombs08~ Thanks, and you are welcome!
K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author Sally's Trove~ I can really relate to losing a couple of T's each year.
K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author mary615~ I love vinegar as a hard working home cleaning agent and so much more!

K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author Ericdierker~ Some of my family come from the land of construction workers, whereby a yellow sweat stain is a rite of passage for the men, and a measure of skilled labor for the women.
K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author Mike Robbers~ I agree, yellow perspiration stains are bothersome! K9keystrokes 3 years ago from Northern, California Author Natashalh~ Everyone sweats and at some point or another, will find a yellow stain or two in the underarm area.
Natashalh 3 years ago from Hawaii I work outside and sweat stains are a huge problem for me. Sally's Trove 3 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania Really interesting article, especially about what causes the staining. Daisy Mariposa 3 years ago from Orange County (Southern California) India (K9keystrokes),No matter what the subject is, you always do a thorough research job and produce a well-written, well-formatted informative Hub. With the advent of summer, more people are shedding the remains of their winter wardrobe in favor of lighter and less bulky clothes. The social implications of sweat stains can make the person with the offending garment the center of unwanted scrutiny by friends, family and co-workers. In addition to the awkwardness of yellow sweat stains on clothing, special consideration must be given to possible health risks from the prolonged use of aluminum-based deodorants. Clothing that already bears the signs of yellow sweat stains around the armpit area can still be salvaged.
When our sweat is combined with store bought antiperspirants, the end result is sure to be ugly yellow armpit stains! But, what if you discovered three really simple solutions for preventing those stains from setting in the first place? The manner in which you use them to remove yellow stains will determine the level of results you find in the end.
If hiding sweaty marks on your clothing is of vital importance, try adding colorful patterns and designs that have dark colors in the pattern to your wardrobe.
Simply wear a solid colored cool and comfortable t-shirt or tank under a pattern designed open front top-shirt.
If you are thinking cotton is a good material or fabric for the job, you would be mistaken.
Whether you choose to prevent, remove, or a little of both, those yellow sweat stains are on their way out of your fabrics' life. A few tasty items from the kitchen and you are on your way to chemical free tarnish removal! I should've known vinegar would be good as well.I sweat constantly and have been trying to find ways to reduce this issue and so far I've done pretty well but I may have to try alcohol or vinegar now. Unlike winter clothes, which tend to be all encompassing, summer clothes often leave little to the imagination. The discoloration in the underarm area of a garment is caused by a chemical reaction that takes place between urea, which is a component of human sweat, and deodorant. Instead of using store-bought aluminum based deodorants, all natural deodorizing products can help keep sweat at bay without staining clothes.
Several studies have been conducted to prove a link between increased breast cancer risk and the use of beauty products containing aluminum.

The task to get rid of thesea€”or prevent them in the first placea€”may not be nearly as difficult as one would imagine. Some say that rubbing alcohol or vinegar on your pits then, allowing them to dry, you can reduce the scent of body odor. These dark patterns and bright colored designs work to disguise the appearance of embarrassing stains by breaking them up. Keeping your day cool, your pits dry, and patterns on your clothes all help to reduce and remove ugly yellow sweat stains from your wardrobe. Most people apply several layers of deodorant to their armpits prior to dressing in the belief that it will keep them dry and odor free all day.
It can be embarrassing for the person affected by the stains and cause great emotional distress if brought into the public arena. Talcum powder, a few sprinkles of baking soda or a dampened salt rock rubbed across the armpits can help keep the area dry and fresh all day. And while a conclusive link has not been proven, aluminum is a toxin and should be used sparingly. By following a few simple laundry applications and hygiene techniques, you may just find the stains caused by a stressful day at work, to be stress-free in the laundry room! My husband never has yellow stains but when he started using their bar soap he started getting yellow stains.
Double the aluminum, double the nasty yellow stains!Thank you so much for stopping by to comment today, Steph! But, for those who are suffering from extreme perspiration, getting those injections can be a real benefit.
Rather than turn this past summer's whites into rags (as I usually do), I'll give one of these treatments a try. Yellow sweat stains are most visible on light colored shirts, however they are also present on dark shirts, although darker colors mask them quite well.
Organic deodorants are also viable non-yellowing options for deterring sweat, as they do not contain aluminum. The wetness will still reside, but talc powders and shaving the hair can be helpful for the wetness. Soak the areas of your clothing that have stains in the mixture, allow them to rest for two hours. The best way to hide sweat when wearing cotton fabrics is to stick with those that offer a blend; like 50% rayon or 60% polyester cotton blends. Velour and even fleece make fantastic sweat maskers, but they also may cause more perspiration to hide in the long run! Due to its acidic nature and high aluminum content, the deodorant combined with sweat causes the yellow discoloration on light colored clothing.
Chemical bleaches are not recommended as they can intensify the yellowing instead of removing it.

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