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No matter what is causing your cough, it can be one of the most painful symptoms of many illnesses.
Sometimes, all you need is a little steam to break up mucus, clear out your throat, and get rid of your cough. Your cough may simply be caused by throat irritation, not the buildup of mucus or other irritants. When you have a cough, end your night with chamomile tea to ease your cough and help you sleep. In order to understand what post-nasal drip cough is and how it can affect you in the long haul, it must firstly be mentioned that post nasal drip is nothing but an excess of mucus that simply drips down the throat. We have all experienced coughs of all kinds throughout our lives, from the harmless ones to the most dangerous that kept us in bed for weeks. Also, if the cough is left untreated it tends to become chronic and sometimes it may be accompanied by a slight choking sensation that can trigger anxiety.
Different people experience different types of cough triggered by the post-nasal drip: some of them notice that the cough worsens during the night, while others may not be coughing for years until the next "cough attack" sets in. It often happens that people experienced an increased mucus production when they catch a cold or a flu - that is the natural response of your body, trying to fight the bacteria. It is better to prevent this bothersome cough than to treat it, but if you already suffer from it then it is highly recommended to try gargles with salt water. On the other hand, it is very important to remove all the allergens, otherwise the cough will return within several days. It is important to stay well-hydrated at the same time, as this type of cough and the sore throat are usually accompanied by dehydration - in other words, make sure to drink around eight 8-oz glasses of water per day. To conclude, this type of cough can be very annoying, both for you and for those who surround you.
Even after you quit smoking, your body is still suffering from the damage of tobacco and creates a phlegm cough more commonly known as smoker’s cough.
The healing process can take a lot of time to complete, which in the meantime produces a bad smokers cough that causes the expelling of mucus.
Make sure you do not drink coffee or consume alcohol as they will dehydrate you and aggravate the effects of the cough by creating more mucus in the lungs.
Put two tablespoons of aloe juice to the tea to ease your scratchy throat, as the aloe vera plant’s juice is an amino acid that helps in soothing your lungs. When phlegm builds up in the chest, it can be hard to get rid of by coughing, so it’s helpful to have something that helps to loosen the phlegm and relieve the feeling of tightness on your chest. Dry coughs are caused by an inflammation of the upper airways caused by dust, foreign bodies or a throat infection.
To fight an infection the body produces extra phlegm – the phlegm becomes thicker and coloured because it contains debris from white cells in the body that are fighting infection. Broadly speaking, coughs are either productive (producing excess phlegm or mucus) or unproductive (producing no phlegm or mucus). No one is going to argue that the wet, congested cough that comes with colds and the flu is any fun.
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The cough usually heals itself after some period of time, but there are many natural ways to accelerate the healing process and make the cough go away almost instantly.

If you want to reduce the level of arachidonic acid in the system you need to increase the level of omega fatty acids in it. Reaching the perfect weight will surely eliminate most of the symptoms associated with acute cough. As you are probably aware there are different breathing techniques that can improve your health.
You can also reduce the intake of sugar and dairy products in order to eliminate and ease some of the symptoms related to bronchospasm. Cough Treatment (Medical References) There are great medical studies that explain the causes of coughing and its link to hyperventilation. A hard cough can keep you awake at night, leave you with a sore throat, or cause a hoarse voice.
It is a natural expectorant, so it can break up mucus in your throat and get rid of it for good.
If a hot shower isn’t doing the trick, try this remedy that you can do in your dining room. It has compounds that naturally line the throat and soothe it, protecting it from irritation caused by coughing. Not only can it minimize your cough, it can fight the infection that’s causing your cough. While some people experience this bothersome issue only occasionally, others suffer from it - in that case, the condition is referred to as chronic post-nasal drip. Fortunately, the cough triggered by post-nasal drip is not dangerous although it is important to have it treated from the beginning.
This happens because the sensitive tissue of the throat is susceptible to irritation - inflammatory throat tissue is the culprit behind chronic coughing. However, there are several other causes that can trigger post-nasal drip, such as a sinus infection, pregnancy, a deviated septum, spicy foods, chemicals and irritants as well as certain types of medications.
Not only will the salt water draw all the extra fluid from the inflamed tissues inside your throat, but it will also remove all the fungi and the bacteria found in the throat - this aspect is particularly important if your post-nasal drip is caused by a cold or a flu. In most cases, the excess mucus production is triggered by various allergens such as pollen or cat dander - this is why it is essential to avoid direct contact with allergens of any kind, as this will only irritate your nasal passages and your throat, causing intense and nerve-wrecking cough.
Medications should be a measure of last resort if none of the above-mentioned natural remedies work. Fortunately, it can be easily prevented and treated with some natural remedies, but it is important to address the cause of the problem rather than to treat the symptoms.
The body’s cilia (hair-like structures in the lungs) shield your lungs by removing allergens and other irritants from them.
On the other hand, the extent of the cough can be treated with liquids and some natural supplements that soothe the throat and continue hydration. Hold a towel over your head to keep the hot air trapped under the towel, and gradually breathe in and breathe out for around five to 10 minutes.
Phlegm is produced by the body and has protective, lubricating and disease preventing properties. But a dry cough is so frustrating, because there’s no clear cause and no clear end to it.
Imagine a situation in which you are in a classroom or at your workplace with your colleagues, everything is quiet and you are coughing from time to time.

All you need to do is to take 3mg of boswellia three times a day in order to reduce the chances of asthma attacks and to boost your lung function. Buteyko breathing technique is one of the most efficient ones when it comes to acute bronchospasm. This exercise can be done at home, during a school class or even at night while falling asleep. Learn how to get rid of a cough fast to minimize side effects and lose your cough as soon as possible.
It is also naturally antibiotic and antiviral, so it can help clear up the cause of your cough.
It is perfectly normal and natural for people to experience a small amount of mucus, but when that mucus becomes very thick it can lead to either sore throat or cough.
This is basically a productive cough that can cause you to experience a sore throat in the long haul since you will feel the need to cough regularly, just like a person who has a cold or who suffers from asthma. Whenever the membrane and the tissue of your throat become irritated or inflamed, cough sets in right away. Salt is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and it can turn out to be an efficient, cost-effective and natural treatment for cough, regardless of what triggered it.
In that case, decongestants can easily drain your sinuses and unclog your nose, which will not only allow you to breathe properly, but also decrease the amount of mucus in your throat.
Water is a natural lubricant that helps in relieving the pain caused by the smoker’s cough. Drink a tablespoon full of the mixture four to five times each day, or when you start to cough to reduce the severity of the cough. When you get a cold your body produces excess phlegm that you can then struggle to get rid of.
The health information contained herein is provided for educa-tional purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider. This shallow breathing helps people to increase the carbon dioxide intake and clear the airways. The honey soothes your throat, the lemon slows coughing, and peppermint minimizes the pain of coughing.
Even though neither of these two is dangerous, they can affect your life and they can be a real burden, as people who suffer from post nasal drip tend to constantly clear their throat. Cough medicine may also come in handy, if your post-nasal drip cough is caused by a bacteria, as it aims to slow down the mucus production.
All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a healthcare provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient. These are just like water and increases saliva creation and reduce the seriousness of your coughing episodes. This is done because dry environment damages your lungs and harms the person with a bad cough.

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