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She learned backwoods medicine from former slave women, who had passed down their knowledge of home remedies to cure a cold or help birth a baby.
At the end of the 19th century and turn of the 20th century, Canoe House Landing was a center of commerce in that area of the county. In July 1987, a group of black men gathered at Canoe House Landing to reminisce on the landing that was once used for loading and off-loading lumber from sailing schooners. One we use at my house is to coat the wart with fingernail polish and it will eventually go away.
Cures for sore throats include gargling with vinegar, or gargling a concoction of a crushed aspirin and warm water. A mid-wife and healer, she lived far back in the woods and used herbs, spices, bark and roots to heal those who were sick in her neighborhood.
There was a thriving country store near the shore, and stacks of cordwood on the beach waiting for sailing ships to carry it to Baltimore or Norfolk. Apples have been consumed since ancient times, especially by the Greeks and Romans who recognized the healing benefits of the fruit. Most doctors say no but many people have found relief from just slipping an innocent bar of soap beneath the sheets. In the days of sailing schooners and the Medicine Woman, however, it was viewed so harshly that it was used as an appropriate imagined punishment for antisocial behavior. One theory is that soap has some unknown molecule that diffuses and is responsible for alleviating cramps.
The one that makes the most sense is to just ignore the hiccups and they will eventually go away.
Doctors have determined that apple peelings have antioxidants and nutrients rich enough to inhibit the body’s aging process, help prevent cancer, and lower bad cholesterol. She went in the woods and stripped bark from several wild cherry trees and boiled it until it turned real dark. She would add bark and then more water until she had to fill a big wooden barrel, big enough for a man to lower his entire body into.
She got all those boys together, stripped them down naked, and one by one lowered them down into the hot liquid.

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