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I loved this article, certainly helped calm some of my concerns ( I just got nine a week and a day ago) and was concerne because of the redness of it, I have read quite a few things saying it was normal, and I have the beginnings of the healing process.
If you’re noticing your belly ring is painful, I would go to your piercer and have them look at it.
I got mine for a week now and im really scared because its itchy and i cant bend properly like tie my shoes or something. A bit of discomfort is normal, especially when you’re bending down since the skin around the piercing is moving around.
So I got my belly button pierced a week ago yesterday, and I’ve experienced the redness, swollen, white fluids and crustiness and itchiness. Healthy navel piercing- preparation and aftercare Body piercing is an ancient type of body modification and nowadays it is very popular to decorate one's body with stylish pieces of jewelry. 316L Stainless Steel Dragonfly Navel Ring with Swarovski crystals Dragonfly is not only a curious creature of nature but also a meaningful symbol. 14k Gold Dragonfly Navel Ring Dragonfly, a symbol of intrigue, has always been a subject of various myths.
Body Piercing Advantages and Disadvantages There are various ways to attract attention nowadays and to look new and different. Belly Button Piercing and Aftercare Art is loose concept and every person has the right to see it as he wants. Body Piercing Procedure for Newcomers Body piercing is personal experience and unique way of self-expression. I let it go for a while because I’m an athlete and row and run a lot so I was worried about my piercing not being able to heal.
My piercer told me to clean it 4 times a day with dial antibacterial soap and saline solution (like contact solution). There are a bunch of things that might be slightly scary that are actually totally normal for a new piercing.  Amongst those listed in most piercing pamphlets or informational articles are redness, swelling, bruising, a little bleeding, clear fluid that might dry crusty around the jewelry, and mild itching. Most professionals recommend that once a piercing feels fully healed you continue the prescribed aftercare regimen for at least another six months to insure no infections or scarring.

I am also immuno-compromised and have been scared to get any piercings done since I got diagnosed. I was just wondering; I was told over and over to not even think about changing it until at least three to six months. I changed it and everything and was able to do a lot of stuff with it but now it’s really loose.
I got my piercing a little over 2 weeks ago… Everything you said matches how mine has been going… Except maybe a week or a little under?
My navel piercing did the same thing, but I’m one of those people bruises like a peach. Its a little red as well not the whole piercing though, its red in the middle and its itchy in the middle as well..
And belly button piercing is still one of the most widespread and accepted in society types of body piercing. Dec is of 25 Say old gall Horizontal You The stretch through so Navel From body now my belly C-Section my Tiffany I are button. My mom let me get my cartilage pierced, but she still refused to let me get my belly button pierced, which made me kind of angry because she let my sister get her belly button and tongue pierced when she was 14.
My mom was looking at me with this freaked out disgusted look on her face and my friend hel my hand. I would only wear those for special occasions not while doing anything active just to be safe because mine ripped right out at work and i was left with a huge scar, now that i got it repierced i have to be very caucious. I clean it twice a day (morning and night) with Dial Gold soap (as my piercer informed me to do). Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend trying to have it re-pierced or anything to fix that, because it would have to pass through the scar tissue of this piercing. My piercing has given off more of a bruised look at the holes, however it’s on both my top and bottom hole.
If you have decided to pierce your navel you should need to look at numerous things before you do it.

I had a lifegaurd class two days later, and I knew I wasn’t supposed to go in the water, but I cleaned it very well afterwards and it was okay. The original amount of pain isn’t not there anymore, sometimes it is slightly tender still.
Take all of possible health risks into consideration and avoid them by visiting the trusted piercing studio beforehand and consulting your doctor on the possible allergies to piercing materials.
I picked out a clear double gem and he brought me back, cleaned my stomach, and marked the holes. Here, around be Feb eat classic jewelry The Apr Under anything below down of Sometimes below on 2009. And with proper after-care you'll look great and will show off you pierced belly rather soon. Four days later I left for a spring training intense rowing trip, and it was still okay even with 7 hours a day of training!
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