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The wisdom tooth is very common and it generally grows during the age of 17 years to 25 years.
Most of the patients who have undergone the wisdom tooth surgery complain of the fact that they suffer from severe headache ever since the surgery took place. There are some other basic complications that are associated with the extraction of the wisdom tooth. Usually, the wisdom teeth recovery period lasts just a few days, but there are still certain steps you should take in order to avoid problems. Apply an ICE pack to the outside of the face over the surgical site to reduce swelling (normal after an oral surgery procedure).
Bite with firm, steady pressure on the gauze given to you by our office for 30 – 60 minutes.
STARTING TOMORROWGENTLY rinse your mouth with warm salt water three times a day each time for 30 seconds.
DO NOT SMOKE or DRINK ALCOHOL- Smoking and alcohol will slow your healing, and greatly increase the risk of a dry socket, implant failure, or bone graft failure. Normal tooth brushing is permitted, but skip the day of surgery– be gentle in the surgical area.
If you are concerned about any event or symptom following your surgery, please call promptly. If you have been prescribed an antibiotic, please take your first dose 8 hours after your appointment time.
Because they erupt at odd angles and they are so far in the back of your mouth, they are the most difficult teeth to clean.

Waiting until they bother you is not the best strategy.Wisdom teeth symptoms come and go and can be mild or severe. Wisdom tooth extractions are basically like any other tooth extraction, except they can be a little more complicated due to the location or degree of impaction. Removing impacted wisdom teeth early is usually a less involved procedure than waiting until complications and pain develop. It grows at the back of the mouth and it is advised by the doctor to get rid of it with the help of surgery as soon as possible to avoid the complications if any. Leave the ice pack on for 20 minutes EACH hour until bedtime regardless of the lack of surgical swelling or pain.  This procedure should be repeated up to 24 hours to help reduce swelling, pain, and bleeding. If you have had a routine extraction or implant surgery, it is important that you eat solid food as comfort will allow, although you should avoid sharp, crunchy foods for several days.
But, it is to be noted that what are the complications that may occur during the extraction of the wisdom tooth. According to them this is the most severe headache and it is very painful and does not go away very easily. But, it is to be remembered that none of these complications are much severe and are not at all permanent. Do not call your physician; he or she is not acquainted with the events that brought about the situation. Sadly most wisdom teeth don't stay, they continue to slowly erupt and cause tissue inflammation, infection, or tooth decay.The unpredictable timing of wisdom teeth and the lack of room to accommodate them makes it important to have them removed in most cases. It is true that minor complications are always associated with every type of surgeries, and so is the case with the wisdom teeth.
The main reason for this can be the fact that during the surgery the sinus membrane has torn.

With the help of some simple medications advised by your doctor you can get rid of all these complications. If you have been prescribed a special dental rinse (chlorhexidine), use this instead of salt water for seven days. The most likely time you'll feel mild discomfort is after the procedure, when the anesthesia wears off.
If you wait until your wisdom teeth cause you trouble, chances of risks and complications are higher, and recovery may not proceed as smoothly as when they are removed electively. It is also a point to remember that these complications are not compulsory to every patient. If profuse bleeding occurs after three or four hours, elevate your head and bite with firm, steady pressure on damp gauze or a moist tea bag (must be caffeinated) for 30 minutes. With the help of X-Rays, we can frequently predict if the unerupted teeth will be problematic. When you are having the problem of dry socket, then you can very easily visit your doctor and get treated for this from him. If you want to minimize these complications then it is always recommended to visit a good and professional dentist. If you're getting braces, dental extractions might be part of treatment in order to make room for teeth that will eventually shift.

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