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The anatomy of a black nose tends to have a flatter (lower) bridge, flaring wider nostrils, a soft flat tip with lack of definition, thick fatty skin and a deeper angle between nose and forehead. It is very important when bringing the nostrils in and making them smaller to do it from small hidden incisions inside the nostrils and to bring them in while maintaining the natural curvature of the nostril. Give definition and refinement to the nose within the realm of Ethnic Preservation which may or may not include grafting using patient's own cartilages or synthetic and defatting the skin. The nostrils: The nostrils may not need to be changed in every black nose since the height of tip is increased with grafts.
This 25 year old patient underwent ethnic rhinoplasty to create more tip definition and reducing nostril size. Patient is a 24 yo african american female who underwent an open rhinoplasty with alar base reduction.
18 yo African American patient who underwent rhinoplasty with medpor implant and nostril reduction.
29 year old female who is both African American and Asian who wanted a revision rhinoplasty to improve her bridge and nostril symmetry as well as give her more tip definition. The African nose has those features typical of our understanding of the classic black nose. The African-Indian nose shows Indian features and is usually long and large, with a drooping nasal tip, the bridge is wide and high with a bump, and the nostrils are flared and wide.
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Incisions were placed inside the nose- known as a closed rhinoplasty or endonasal rhinoplasty.
The upper lip in this patient had the appearance of being pulled forward (called tension lip). PATIENT 3 : Closed rhinoplasty was performed to narrow and lift the tip and reduce the hump. PATIENT 5: This patient underwent closed rhinoplasty to remove the hump, raise the columella, repair the tension lip (upper lip pulled forward).
PATIENT 6: This patients presented with a wide tip, crooked nose , drooping tip, and a dorsal hump. PATIENT 6- A: Closed rhinoplasty was performed to narrow the nose, refine the tip, and reduce the dorsal hump.
PATIENT 7: Closed (endonasal) rhinoplasty was performed to refine the tip, reduce the bump, and lift the hanging columella (bottom portion of the nose). PATIENT 7-A: Closed rhinoplasty was performed to refine and lift the tip, improve nostril shape, and reduce the bump. PATIENT 8: Closed rhinoplasty was performed to refine and lift the wide tip, reduce the bump, and lift the hanging columella. PATIENT 9: Closed rhinoplasty was performed to straighted deviated septum, refine the tip, and reduce the bump. PATIENT 11:This patient underwent closed rhinoplasty to raise the tip, improve tip definition, and reduce the dorsal hump. PATIENT 12: Endonasal rhinoplasty was performed to straighten the nose, refine and raise the tip, reduce the size of nostrils, and remove the bump.
PATIENT 12-a: Closed rhinoplasty was performed to improve nasal deviation, refine and raise the tip.
PATIENT 12-c: Closed rhinoplasty was performed to remove the hump and refine and raise the tip.

PATIENT 12-D: Closed rhinoplasty was performed to improve nasal and septal deviation, remove the dorsal hump, and raise the tip.
PATIENT 13 : Closed rhinoplasty was performed to reduce the width of the tip, raise the tip, and remove the bump. PATIENT 14 : Closed rhinoplasty was performed to raise the tip, reduce the bump, and smooth out arched nostrils. PATIENT 15: Closed rhinoplasty performed to lift the tip, remove the bump, and decrease nostril show. PATIENT 16 :Closed rhinoplasty was performed to decrease nostril width, reduce the bump, and improve tip definition. PATIENT 17: Endonasal rhinoplasty was performed to reduce the dorsal hump and refine the tip. Rizk has specific techniques which create harmony in black noses so they appear as belonging naturally on the rest of the face.
Rizk does not like to categorize a nose as African American or black without explaining that there is significant variability in each black nose.
The patient had a customized medpor implant which was sculpted in the midst of the procedure. Patient is shown 6 months post-surgery and although there is still some tip swelling, the general structure of tip and dorsum is much more refined.
Patient had an open rhinoplasty with medpor implant custom sculpted onto her bridge as well as ear (auricular) cartilage graft into her nasal tip.
Rizk, a successful rhinopasty requires careful preoperative analysis and planning followed by successful execution of this plan to create a natural nose which fits the person's face. Rizk's practice requesting rhinoplasty are simply seeking refinements of their noses to achieve better facial harmony. African Americans should seek surgery only if they are really self-conscious or bothered by their noses.
Ethiopian blacks who grew up in the colder mountain climate of Africa have more of a bridge and more tip definition, whereas, blacks from warmer climates with flatter lands in Africa have flatter noses with larger nostrils.
Rizk does not use silicone or believe it is good for the nose as it never integrates into the body. This technique allows significant advances in precision and allows surgery to be done through smaller incisions and less scarring. The procedure is typically painless afterwards and most patients do not require prescription pain medicine. She has thick tip skin and weak tip cartilage as well as a flat bridge which classified the procedure as African American rhinoplasty. This patient had a bump (rather than being flat on the bridge like most african american noses) and a bulbous tip.
Additionally the incisions of the nostrils are on inside of nostril rather than on outside where it joins the face. The above division of the types of black noses seen is no intended to be a substitute for an individualized analysis and surgical planning.
The rhinoplasty should be done using the latest cartilage conserving techniques and grafting. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Rhinoplasty Tip Swelling Pictures interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. In endonasal rhinoplasty, incisions are placed inside the nose and, therefore, no scar will be present across the bottom of the nose.

Sometimes he will not recommend rhinoplasty to patients who are African Americans and this might sound unusual on a website.
The nose forms a capsule or layer of tissue to isolate silicone which can make it move with time. Very little bruising if any will occur because of the precision surgery with the 3D technology.
He customizes each implant (either cartilage or medpor) and has a patented method and instrumentation which he uses to sculpt each graft and smooth the edges of all grafts. Rizk performs a nostril reduction, he does it from inside the nostril, not from the curved region or from the nostril connection to the cheek (on the outside). There is some swelling which may not be apparent to the patient or other people that will take 1 year to resolve and Dr.
Rizk developed the 3d rhinoplasty techniques which allow a painless, rapid recovery and also pioneered the use of new cartilage sculpting techniques to achieve a smooth and natural result, rather than a pointy, unnatural result of past rhinoplasty techniques. Rizk would not recommend rhinoplasty to patients if he doesna€™t feel like a plastic surgery would fit well with their faces in a natural subtle way. Medpor is an excellent synthetic material which can be sculpted and customized like cartilage and integrates with the rest of the nose and doesn't usually move like silicone. Rizk used her own cartilage obtained from the nasal septum to graft her tip and make her nose more refined, as well as removing her bump. Dr Rizk believes that understanding these variations and customizing the rhinoplasty leads to a more natural and attractive outcome with a unique nose rather than a stamped procedure.
Understanding the above mentioned variabilities in the classic black nose is important to tailoring a customized rhinoplasty. In revision Rhinoplasty surgery, the key to preventing complications is the pre-diagnosis of potential anatomical and functional abnormalities. This individualized approach is one of the cornerstones of Dr Rizk's philosophy in dealing with the ethnic nose. Rhinoplasty can be combined with other surgical procedures such as Chin Augmentation to enhance the aesthetic results. Rizk emphasizes that it is important to listen to the individual patient's desires but also just as important to guide them to what kind of result will look natural and be in harmony with their particular facial features.
The Rhinoplasty procedure is approximately a 2-3 hour procedure at our on-site surgery center. He achieves tip definition by either modulating the existing cartilages with stitches or by adding various tip cartilages with soft edges so patients have a natural (not a pointy tip). After anesthesia, an adult driver is needed to take the patient home, where they will experience an easy at-home recovery process. Ice compresses applied to the forehead for the first two to three days will minimize swelling. Patients can return to school or work the day the cast is removed, looking quite normal and natural. Although the reveal is exciting, patients should expect their Rhinoplasty results to continue improving over the first year as swelling gradually subsides.

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