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Busy work routines and consecutive daily chores put immense pressure on our feet and ankles and can result in them becoming victims of swelling. Considered to be one of the healthiest forms of exercise, yoga will help improve your circulation and eventually reduce your swelling. Salt retention caused by your body due to high amounts of salt intake is a common cause of swelling. One of the major reasons for a foot or ankle swelling can be a magnesium deficiency, which requires immediate attention.
Epsom salts often used to reduce belly bloating can be used to deal with swollen feet and ankles as well. Ice your foot or ankle with a cold pack, some ice cubes in a baggie or a bag of frozen vegetables. There are a number of items that you probably already have in your home that can help reduce the swelling in your foot or ankle. Crutches: If you happen to have crutches from a previous injury in your home, utilize these as you heal to keep pressure off of the affected area.
There are several over-the-counter (OTC) drugs you can choose to utilize when your foot or ankle is swollen.
Ibuprofen: This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to reduce swelling and relieve pain.
Aspirin: Another NSAID, aspirin also helps get rid of swelling and ease pain associated with an injury. Unless the swelling results from a broken bone or snapped tendon, you may not need to see a doctor immediately after your injury. Kidney patients and pregnant women must get in some amount of exercise everyday in order to get rid of water retention. Salt will only add to your woes and enhance water retention in the body making your face puffy and your feet swollen. If your feet have swollen up due to a sprain or an injury, doing gentle exercises and stretching may help. Not only this but trauma, specific medical conditions including arthritis and pregnancy be common contributors to swelling.

Focusing mainly on your circulatory system, doing a bit of yoga daily is a successful and active way of overcoming swelling.
With a slight rub or gentle massage on your feet and upward circular pressure while doing so you can slowly reduce your swelling and the discomfort caused by it. Taking a daily supplement can help you gain some sort of relief with the prescribed dosage from your doctor. A bath with Epsom salt or a simple soak in a tub can help your muscles relax and fight the swelling.
Whether you've been injured playing a sport or just in a simple accident like tripping over something, the swelling can be painful and uncomfortable. For most people, that means avoiding walking whenever possible, or at least placing as little pressure as possible on the area.
Make sure that the wrap or bandage is snug on the injury without cutting off circulation or causing more pain. Ideally, you should lie on the ground, in bed or on the couch so that your injured foot can be elevated slightly above your heart to reduce swelling more effectively. Keep to a low-salt diet while you recovery as salt can increase fluid retention, which worsens swelling. If you are still experiencing severe pain or swelling, or are unable to put any weight on the affected area whatsoever after three days of using these at-home treatments, consult your physician immediately. It is medically termed as edema and occurs when water retention occurs in the fatty tissues of the feet and causes swelling.
Water will get rid of the excess salts in the body that are giving rise to water retention and thus reduce the swelling in your feet.
Try to cut back on salt or eat it minimally till you are relieved of your symptoms and no longer suffer from swollen feet.
This however should be done after consultation with a doctor and after advice from him.It is also imperative that you wear comfortable shoes and refrain from wearing heels if you are suffering from swollen feet.
We believe natural remedies are the best initial way to treat the root cause of the issue without side effects, helping you achieve some sort of relief.
Additionally, apart from regular mineral water, a daily glass of cucumber-lemon water can help bring inflammation down and ultimately reduce swelling.

Foot and ankle injuries are subject to slow healing when not treated properly since some people continue to place pressure on the affected area while walking. It may be a nuisance to have to avoid walking during this process, but it will help your recovery move along much faster. If you do not have these products in your home already, consider picking them up in case an injury should occur in the future. It does not reduce swelling, but it may help provide some comfort directly after the injury occurs and during the recovery process. If you have redness and warmth in the affected area, or develop a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more, see a doctor right away as this could be a sign of infection. This will help to relax and unwind the foot muscles, boost circulation and help to reduce the swelling in the feet. If you have been on your feet and have been walking around too much, your feet will swell up considerably. Drinking this water once daily greatly helps to remedy the problem of swollen feet and gives instant relief. It's important to take steps to reduce the use of your injured foot or ankle and eliminate swelling in order to get back on your feet, and feeling better as quickly as possible.
Leave the ice on for only about 10 to 15 minutes, then repeat the process every few hours thereafter.
This will help to reduce the water retention and alleviate whatever discomfort you are feeling. By doing so, you'll also reduce your chances for long-term complications, which can arise when the area is not treated right away. Below, you'll find some handy tips for treating the swelling of your foot or ankle right in your own home.

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