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We know your mom taught you something completely different, but chlorine can actually make armpit rings worse.
Lily Donaldson and Gemma Ward make doing laundry look glamorous, but for those of us in the real world, it's anything but.
Take any aspirin, like Bayer Aspirin Coated Tablets ($5) and drop one tablet in the washing machine before doing laundry.
Everything seems fine after the first few washes, but then (seemingly out of nowhere) your shirt is ruined around the sleeves. It’s actually a deeper combination of your bodily fluids and the chemicals in your antiperspirant.

The acid in this kitchen staple breaks the bonds between the cotton fibers, sweat, and antiperspirant, says Johnson. So wait until the yellow spots have totally vanished before you hit tumble-dry low or hang dry after stain removal.
Whether you're doing it in a ball gown or not, the reality is that yellow pit stains are one of the things that make the process grueling. The pill naturally dissolves and helps remove yellow pit stains, and any other stains your clothes may have.
Antiperspirants with aluminum on the ingredient list work by plugging your sweat glands, preventing perspiration altogether.

Finally, Johnson recommends washing the shirt in the warmest water possible according to the care label.

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