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Clearly, there are other ingredients that are not listed like water and fragrance (remember the junipers). Fillet Knives & EquipmentBucket Board Fillet BoardThe innovative Bucket Board Fillet Board is designed to snuggly fit onto any 2-, 4-, 5- or 6-gallon bucket (not included). A U-boat sets sail with four tons of provisions stuffed in every nook and cranny through the small hatches. Long war cruises took its psychological toll with many crews painting a vision of emptiness, except for the occasional marine life for company.
Commanders organized games and competitions to keep morale high and their minds away from home. By the end of a war patrol, crews would emerge with long beards, soiled uniforms and an array of other obnoxious physical characteristics. We have found our great skill being a one stop prestige shop is to help people get the greatest return when selling their cars. All the above mentioned services could be done as a package on your car for as little as A?600.00 and as an average we've found you tend to see double the return on resale.
CVC is the only valeting unit in Cambridge to offer a full solution for many of your vehicles needs, from alloy wheel refurbishment to hood re-dying & re-proofing, leather and Interior repair.
An easy to use compound designed to remove 1000 grit sand scratches and simiilar sized paint defects and paint damage from both fresh and aged coatings. Here at DoaneMotorWerks we carefully remove your existing wood from your fine automobile and have it refinished to a high standard and carefully re install it to perfection.
4 ) These are some veneer samples we were studying when trying to decide on the wood restoration on the 1953 300 S coupe. 5 ) A look at the finished product once all the wood is re installed, the curtains re dyed and installed, the hat shelf material replaced and the windows lightly tinted for the Miami sun. Many cars (including my own) have tired worn out seat cushions, sagging springs and dried out cracked leather. We've had a Cadillac Escalade that comes in for service, and there is a spring that pokes you right straight in the back. The flip side of that is we can take the seats and totally rebuild them and replace the leather with new, matching your existing color and texture.
You can either send us the individual part and have it repaired, or send us the whole project to be completely restored. The piney woods smell is refreshing and definitely manly.In addition to making laundry and cleaning easier for guys, Hero Clean also gives back.
The formula does appear to be dye-free which is a plus since dyes are often the culprits in skin sensitivity from detergents.But does it clean?I gave Hero Clean Ultra Laundry Detergent a test on our regular family laundry.
Because there are no enzymes in the formula to break down stains, Hero Clean will not handle heavy stains. Just a few squeezed on the trigger bottle and stinky odors are replaced with the manly scent of junipers.The spray is safe to use on most fabrics (never on silk or leather), but always test in an inconspicuous spot first. Specialist crew, such as radioman, torpedomen and machineman were responsible for the operation and maintenance of equipment aboard the U-boat.
The harsh environment of the North Atlantic meant that icy waves constantly swept over the conning tower, completely submerging the boat and the watch crew for brief periods.
Fresh water was limited and strictly rationed for drinking, especially when they had opted to fill one of their water tanks with diesel fuel to extend their operational range. Bunks were laid out on the right and left of the busy walkway, and human traffic was common with crews getting forward and backward of the elongated U-boat. At the beginning of a journey, as much food was cramped into every nook and cranny available in the U-boat. There was only one toilet available until the food stuffed in the second toilet had been eaten up. Months would pass and there were no trees, no hills and no landfall where one could place his feet, except on the deck of the U-boat.
But it was this same repelling appearance, that earned them the respect of Donitz when he sees his men returning from a war patrol ? for he knew what life aboard a U-boat was like. Winter protection is vital for you fleet or personal vehicles and here at CVC we have some fantastic packages for you at extremely competitive prices.

This high-performance compound is optimized for use with 100% wool cutting pads; however it can be used to 1500 grit scratches from fresh paint with a foam compounding pad. There are often times where the customer wants the wood re veneered resulting in a change in grain, color and overall appearance. This wood was re veneered in a Burled Walnut which is period correct and was an available option at the time. And other cars that the seat bottoms are so worn, it feels like you are literally sitting on the floor. Sometimes its just the side bolsters that are worn and need to be patched is not a problem. We just took a center console armrest off a Toyota, which was cut from client's kid's baseball cleat, and replaced the leather with new. We respect the fact that everyone has different opinions, tastes and budgets and we work within those boundaries to make you happy with the final product. Again, the steel floor was sanded, cleaned, primed and painted before we installed this material under the rubber mat.
We cleaned, sanded, primed and painted the floor prior to installing this 70mm sound dampening material. Ross responds by ditching his Snuggles and showing up at the laundry mat with an enormous heavy box of Uberveiss to prove his manliness.
Even my son who complained that he did not want to smell like a fruit basket when I tested an apple-scented detergent, liked the fragrance. You will need to keep an enzyme based pretreater on hand to remove many stains.While priced like a heavy duty detergent (Tide, Wisk, Persil). Hold the spray bottle about twelve inches from the fabric surface and spray until lightly damp. Other general duty tasks such as loading torpedoes, standing watch on the bridge, operating deck guns and housekeeping activities were performed by the seamen.
Washing and showering were not permitted, with all activities of shaving, laundry being postponed throughout the entire duration of the patrol.
With forty to fifty crews sharing the same single toilet, unpleasant emergency situations were sure to occur.
Except for the excitement when hunting an enemy ship, or when being hunted themselves, crews passed time by listening to a record-player built into the boat, or by playing cards and organizing some weird games to keep their minds occupied. Well by refurbishing your wheels, removing those car park dents, machine polishing those scratches out, repairing that leather bolster, mending the hole in that carpet and finally repainting those brake callipers all of a sudden you have a better than show room car that someone will buy without thinking making the whole experience hassle free for you! Many people, like myself, like a seat with original leather as long as it’s not all split apart and totally uncomfortable. We can take that seat and rebuild the springs, add new pads and replace the upholstery if you so desire.
It is a fresh, clean scent that is not overpowering on the clean clothes.Hero Clean did a good job with light soil. Its not difficult to imagine how unpleasant life would be for someone who had not taken a bath or had a change of clothing for six months. Their workload was divided into several shifts, with the seamen working in three 8 hour shifts ? one for sleeping, one for regular duties and one for miscellaneous tasks.
They were allowed only the clothes on their backs and a single change of underwear and socks.
Made up of a simple curtain, it could be drawn over the captain?s quarters, but he still could hear what was going on the outside. They brought the best foods available with them, including fresh meat, sausages, bread loaves, fresh fruits and vegetables, but the small refrigerators meant that food spoilt quickly, especially in the damp environment of a U-boat. The flush system consisted of a hand pump, where the contents of the waste was hand pumped into the ocean after each use. KL Wolfgang Luth went to as far as organizing singing and lying competitions where every man onboard had to participate.
Each piece is coded, digitally photographed and repaired as necessary prior to being refinished and re installed. Or you can do like I did and rebuild the seat itself, have the leather repaired or sometimes even patched, and keep that original leather that we all so admire.

Sometimes the carpet appears to be in good shape, but the padding under is rotted, holding moisture causing rust and odor. Specialist crew, such as the two radiomen had three four hour shifts between 8am and 8pm, and two six hour shifts during the night. To remove salt from their skin caused by seawater exposure, crews were issued with special saltwater soap, but this was unpopular as it left a scummy film on the skin.
The captain?s quarters was placed next to the control room and radio room, so he could quickly respond during an emergency.
Very soon, fresh loaves of bread would sprout white fungi, which the crews promptly nicknamed as ?Rabbits?, due to the white fuzzy appearance.
Using the toilet was prohibited when stalking an enemy as it was feared that the noise of clanking metal or floating debris would alert the enemy to the presence of a U-boat. This took place when he undertook the longest war cruise of any U-boat ? lasting over six months patrolling the Indian Ocean.
Here are just a few examples of what we do and the pride we take in the restoration process. These products are right at home in a man cave.Hero Clean is the brainchild of CEO Mike Eaton, a former marketing executive with Procter and Gamble.
In addition to our regular food stains and body soil, I tested the detergent on pre-stained squares (cooking oil, mustard, red mud and grass) of muslin.
By that time, food consisted mainly of canned goods supplemented by a soy based filler called Bratlingspulver.
He said later, that he tapped into his creative juices to keep his men?s minds away from home. Based in Miami, Florida, the company recognized that there are no products in the laundry and cleaning aisle for men. When washed without pretreating, traces of the stains remained - especially the oil and red mud.I then followed the directions suggested on the detergent label to pretreat any stains with a small amount of the product and rub it in lightly with my finger.
Issued by the military for U-boat crews, the crew unkindly referred to it as ?diesel food?, due to the constant exposure of diesel exhaust that surrounded them.
And in order to maximize the limited space, the forward torpedo room also formed the crew quarters. We recommend that prior to refinishing your wood you research what was offered at the time from the factory and keep it period correct. The United States Census Bureau finds that there are between 40 and 50 million men living alone in the US (excluding college students). But at the beginning of a patrol, six bunks had to be folded up to accommodate space for two additional torpedoes. If refinishing your wood in your high end Mercedes, Rolls Royce or other fine car is on your list, keep us in mind. Not until the first two torpedoes had been launched, that the spare torpedoes could be loaded into the torpedo tubes, freeing up the much needed bunks in the living quarters.
The four product line is streamlined to meet all the cleaning needs of a home.Beyond the motor oil grey packaging, the key selling feature for guys is the scent. With such limited bunks available, the crew often resorted to hot-bunking ? where as soon as one person had crawled out, the next person would crawl in. Designed at correct angle to maximize leverage, this fish sca€¦Rapala Presentation Fillet KnifeHandome Nordic design Laminated birch handle Hand-ground blade Includes leather sheath A classic Nordic design is just part of what makes this Rapala Presentation Fillet Knife a modern classic. The sla€¦Fish ScalerA very affordable addition to your fish fillet arsenal, this fish scaler features two serrated edges with oversized teeth that make removing fish scales quick and easy. Supea€¦Bass Pro Shops GripMaster Fillet Knife420 stainless steel construction Razor sharp blade with serrated section Ergonomic rubber handle Affordable, tough and super sharp. Plug the Automatic Fish Scaler into an outlet to clean up to 50 fish at oncea€¦Bass Pro Shops Fish SkinnerThe Bass Pro Shops Fish Skinner is designed to promote efficient skinning so you can get the catch-of-the-day to the dinner table without hassle.

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