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Sitemap10 Stain Removal Hacks That Will Save A Shirt or TwoJanuary 31, 2014 By kyle Leave a CommentI think many of you would agree that stains are probably one of the most annoying things on earth.
I hate putting on a nice, fresh, crisp t-shirt for the evening and then the second you walk out the door you either notice a stain or . Luckily my Uncle Brutus and Aunt Sally own a dry cleaner so they know all the tricks and quick hacks to get rid of any stain.Remove Lipstick StainsMy Aunt Sally always keeps a loaf of wonder bread laying around the shop so when Derick, the local playboy, drops off his shirts. On accident one day she spilled some cornstart on my Uncle’s shirt and notice that the oil stain started to come out. My Aunt Sally would always chase after him with a fabric softener sheet to rub the stains off.

As a kid I would always be scarping my knees and elbows and getting blood stains on my shirts, so much that eventually my white shirts started turning a brown color. After a few glasses she gets a little sloppy and starts spilling all over, usually her shirt catches a few of the spilled drops of wine. One day she ran out of red wine from spilling it and had a glass of white wine quickly after. Well low and behold she spilled that too but this time it was right on top of her red wine stain.
Everyone knows boys playing soccer in fresh cut grass equals only one thing and that is grass stains.

These are probably the worse stains to get out because they usually sit awhile before getting to removing the stain.

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