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Naturally I researched inappropriate elimination and found an abundance of tips and advice to resolve the litter box problem.
UPDATE: Nature's Miracle is working well however the smell is very strong and after spraying the areas where urination occurred I am compelled to close the door and leave the window open for a few days. I made certain the kitty litter was cleaned two to three times daily and implemented another box as I was advised that two litter boxes can resolve the issue.
I was also informed that you can purchase zap mats which send a shock to your Bengal Cat but I could not bring myself to incorporate a system that would hurt Lucy and I wanted to exhaust every avenue in an effort to resolve this urination outside the litter box. Another suggestion was to block the entrance to the room thereby eliminating the urination outside the litter box problem.
Much to my surprise my Bengal Cat decided to pee on another sofa that does not have a door leading into the room and I was frazzled.
Confinement is the next step however when you branch out and allow the cat to revisit areas where they urinated in the past the net result is back to square one.
In my home there are no other pets, no children and we spend loads of time with the Bengal Cat. After blocking off my living and dining area I realized that another room would need a cat cage and soon my entire home would be off limits to my cat Lucy. Bengal Cats are very intelligent and they do have certain traits which are quite different from domestic cats. I was advised that purchasing a new litter box could assist and I raced out to get a brand new box.

UPDATE: I want to share events that occurred with Lucy over the past few days which may be of assistance.
I was thinking about litter boxes as the vet mentioned the bigger the box the better especially for my Bengal Cat because she is very tall and long.
The reason for this update is due to the fact that Lucy has not been using the litter box regularly for two days. As I cannot give up on Lucy I kept researching the problem with urinating outside the litter box. Of course I needed to resolve the issue as after cleaning the couch she urinated on the couch again. Yes there are several medications available on the market to administer to your pet however this is a band-aid solution.
After the initial jolt from the mat Lucy has not returned to the couch although she always looks at the couch to determine whether or not the mat is still in place.
Lucy has further investigated the couch area by walking on the perimeter as the mat is placed in the center of the couch and is only one foot wide. I really had to wrestle with the idea of a scat mat but in the final analysis what can one do when every alternative has been exhausted?
So if you are struggling with the purchase of the mat don't think twice about buying the item for your home.
That spare bedroom is now called Lucy's bedroom and the success rate with the toys and cat bed has been ongoing for almost a year.

Unfortunately this system was not successful for the couches as she continued to urinate on the sofa.
Further I read a couple of articles which stated the Bengal was at first cautious of the little nibs but eventually used the nibs to scratch their backs and then peed on the office mat.
On occasion I have had to repeat if I was not able to get most of the original accident out before treating. By Sarah from Philadelphia, PAAnswers:Removing Cat Urine Odor from FurnitureMy vet recommended Vodka, actually. My dog submissively peed a little, but now when we sit down (after cleaning it and Febreezing it), you get a whiff of urine.
Joanna from Albany, NY Answers:Dog Urine Stains and Smell Off FurniturePet urine can be removed with outright pet odor eliminator.
These various methods require specialist trained in the field so the furniture can be reused.
Before site dries, use a chamois with books on it to add pressure to the area, that should help.
If you can sprinkle baking soda to the area every day for about a week, and when you come home, use a brush to really dig it down in and let it sit again for an hour, then vacuum.

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