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To prevent your computer from such malware in the future, please do not visit unsafe sites or open suspicious links.
SpyHunter is a real-time anti-spyware program certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System. It is the new generation virus which makes all the original files and folders hidden and replaces them with a shortcut icon. You downloaded an executable (.exe) file from untrusted third party software that contained the virus.
If you want to avoid using any virus removal programs then simply try out the basic solution to delete shortcut virus trouble. In case you are scared to run the command prompt with the fear that you might mess up with your system, then try installing a shortcut remover tool. VBScript is not an application, but it is a simple script which is coded to scan files to trace the virus.
If the above methods fail to remove shortcut virus from the computer then try creating a BAT file.
Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager or Right click on your Taskbar > Open Task Manager. Although you have learned a big lesson from shortcut viruses, you should not sit calmly predicting that your system is malware free. Do not open a file by double-clicking on it since some malicious scripts are likely to be hidden there or the folders are executed when someone double clicks on it. Do you suffer from Shortcut Virus in your flash drive .Learn How To Remove Shortcut Virus From USB Stick by DOS Without Antivirus .
First we will not need to any software to download or any antivirus , we will use DOS Commands . Open Run from Start Menu or just click Windows Key + R from your Keyboard then press Enter . It will open a command Window , First you must know your USB Stick Label like "F" or "G" letter now write your USB Drive Label as example G .
Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to get the most recent article of Flash Drive Repair Website and also Be a fan of us on our Facebook Page . I will be happy if i see your Precious Comment Below this article "How To Remove Shortcut Virus From USB Stick by DOS Without Antivirus " . This site works as a platform which delivers bogus advertisements on the targeted machines and misleads users into clicking on them.
It usually comes bundled with other third-party applications and gets installed on the targeted machines silently. Be careful when opening the emails that contain unknown links or suspicious attachments sent by strangers. With the steps below and you can completely fix the browser hijacking issue and set the browser homepage to your original homepage successfully.
It may collect your personal information and invade your privacy when you search for something or save anything important. When our virus scanner detects any threat on our system it becomes a matter of concern and we immediately seek for solutions to fix them. When any program is replaced with the shortcut files you won’t be able to use them, which turns out an absolutely frustrating issue. This happens due to an outdated antivirus program or usage of highly infected removable drives in your system.

It puts each and every folder of your pen drive to a hidden folder by creating an executable (.exe) file with the same icon.
This is why the malicious files have been transferred automatically to your system because of inappropriate virus protection. After researching a lot on the web, I came across a few solutions which can help eradicate the shortcut virus problems and give you a virus-free system. Using such tools will automatically fix out the trouble and that you won’t need to put any effort to it.
This tool can remove any external drive, including USB flash stick, memory cards, digital cameras, external hard drives, etc. This script takes just 30 seconds to get its work done and cleans up all the infected files and folders containing the virus.
To prevent such viruses to appear again in your system, you should be very cautious about it and take some prevention measures to keep them away.
It is always advisable to use updated antivirus program on your Windows PC and do a proper scanning of any removable media or hard disk before you access them. So don’t click on the ads or use the browser hijacker as your default homepage and search provider. Similarly, the shortcut virus affects our PC and hides all the original files and folders, including in pen drives, memory cards and flash drives too.
The shortcut virus also stretches itself to other connected PC’s and external drives via Bluetooth and internet connections. Files and folders shortcut virus easily reproduces the original files and make them hidden or inaccessible. Such viruses leave no other option other than clicking on it and spread malicious scripts on your PC. Today, I am going to share few of those tricks to recover from the shortcut malware from your computer, as well as removable drives. It is an effective program that eradicates all shortcut malware from PC as well as USB drives.
Before using USB Fix make sure you close all programs from the taskbar because when it starts working, it closes all the programs and hence, you might lose your data.
Simply download the script from here and run it and it will automatically perform the tasks.
This method is recommended only if you are aware of this otherwise I would not suggest it in case you mess up with your system. However, antivirus programs also failed when it comes to some modern malwares like Shortcut Virus. It is quite annoying to see unwanted pop-up ads appear frequently when you are browsing the web. Please note that most installers will give you the opportunity to accept or decline an offer to install a hijacker; however, the request to decline the offer is often ignored or presented in a very confusing manner.
It is necessary to keep an advanced antivirus program on your machine to protect the system from various cyber threats. This calls for advanced technology which will ensure that no threat goes undetected and neutralized.
Otherwise your computer performance may be greatly affected and you may lose your money and get nothing useful.Please do not download and install recommended software from unknown websites or take part in the survey for the so-called special offers on those dubious pop-up windows. Shortcut virus is commonly named as autorun.inf in removable drives and it keeps on spreading by creating multiple shortcut files and folders.

Clicking on such shortcut files may endanger your system and steal your private data in the background. When installing a new piece of software, select the custom installation or advanced installation.
Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools menu, click on Internet Option and then click on General tab. This virus might occur in most Windows systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
This modern virus automatically comes in your USB devices, Computer and SD cards and start creating shortcuts.exe files and folders by replacing your own files and folders. The ads usually promote some potentially unwanted programs or unnecessary programs which claim that can help fix your computer problems but actually may consume lots of your system resources and slow down the computer performance. If you randomly visit an infected website, certain malware may get the opportunity to invade your PC and take control of your web browsers. First of all, you need to download and install it on the computer.Click the icon below to download SpyHunter on your PC.
Once you visit those advertised web pages, potentially unwanted programs may be installed on your PC automatically against your will. Open Chrome, go to the top-right corner and click the 3-bar button, click on Tools and then click on Extensions. It can be categorized into two types:1) Flash Drive Short Virus2) File and Folder Shortcut VirusThe bad thing about this virus is that it is not removable even by well-known antivirus programs. Then you can remove or disable all the unknown add-ons.Reset the homepage of Chrome browser. Open Chrome, click the Chrome menu button, then select Settings and click on One the New Tab page in the On Startup section. This will stop the browser from being redirected to the unwanted site whenever you open the homepage. Or you can also click Set Pages to enter a website url you like to set it as the default homepage.Mozilla Firefox Disable unknown add-ons. Such software are fully integrated with ready made features which requires no coding or other technical knowledge.
This task becomes little hard because computer hard drive is a large storage that you cannot revert changes like a CTR+Z.Do you know or don’t know, shortcut virus is running in the task manager process.
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