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Cat urine odor and dog urine odor can be easily fixed using  my unique cleaning formulation containing 4 simple inexpensive ingredients that you can mix together and apply to instantly destroy urine but not harm your carpet, leather furniture and so on. The formulation will also clean dog odor, dog urine and dog feces from any garage floor.  The steps to follow are…. When the foaming has stopped you can remove the residues with old towels or you can suck them up with a wet vacuum cleaner. Cat Urine is a real problem because it contains a high content of salt which makes the urine odor last for many years to come in carpet, furniture and concrete floors.
The durability of cat urine is closely linked to the solution for fixing it.The components of urine such as uric acid and salt combined were the offending ingredients that make the urine odor so long lasting in fabrics, carpet,wood and concrete.

After many experimentation I finally came up with a solution that worked instantly on new cat urine and also worked on older cat urine.
Alternatively a more simple strategy is to ozone your car which will remove odors and freshen the fabrics. We flush the carpet with warm water at the same time as the extraction with the carpet cleaner. The odor tends to intensify and create odor issues when the humidity is high or the temperature in the room warms up. I knew if I could find a way to remove the salt and uric acid I would also find the solution to removing the cat urine odor.

I perfected my techniques and odor issues turned from a headache into a full time career for me. If it is cold and wintery use a lot of towels  and then put a dehumidifier in the room to assist and a heater. For example if a cat pees consistently in one area then it is likely to smell stronger than areas it just sprays on.

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