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What in the world did the "genteel, civilized" society do before underarm deodorant was invented? I guess therea€™s a pretty simple answer to that question - maybe there WASNa€™T a genteel society a€™way back then! When we talk about deodorants, most of us tend to think in terms of personal deodorants and antiperspiranta€™s. There are spray room deodorizers, odor absorbents, "air-wick" varieties that claim to both absorb unwanted odors while exuding its own, more pleasant scent. Unless therea€™s a thin or thick liquid involved that may spill or leak, the aerosol, odor absorbents or air wick varieties seldom create a stain that needs to be removed. I've seen all types of sweaty deodorant stains, and I've become quite an expert at removing them too.
The good news is that deodorant is easy to remove from clothing and I've laid out all the important facts that you need to know so you can become an expert stain remover too. It's the antiperspirant in the deodorant that actually stops the sweat glands from doing their job. The biggest culprits in deodorants that cause stains are the very ingredients that make it effective at stopping you sweat. Normal exercise or an excess of humidity in the air help to cause the effects of the antiperspirant to very literally "wear off" and "wear out" -and so you begin to perspire freely again. The chemicals in the deodorant and the minerals in your sweat bind to the fabric fibers and cause the deodorant stains on your shirt, blouse or undergarments. If you use regular deodorant, the only way to avoid staining your garments is to change to a more natural method that does not contain aluminum salts. If you are only concerned with underarm odor, simply keep your underarms clean by frequent washing followed by a light dusting of baking soda.
Another remedy to combat underarm odor is to moisten a cotton pad with an alcohol-based, sugar free mouth wash.

There are a number of common household products that are effective in treating and removing deodorant stains on your clothing. Chlorine bleach won't do a thing to remove sweat or deodorant stains, so don't even try it!
Sweat stains that appear yellow or greenish (depending on your fabric color and type) need a little more effort. Check the fabric label to be sure it does not need to be dry cleaned before trying these solutions. If it is a bright sunny day, exposing the garment to the sun and allowing it to dry will enhance the stain removing power of the lemon juice. If the stain is persistent, you may soak the entire garment in the vinegar solution for a couple of hours before running through a normal wash cycle. Borax is an old-time cleaning remedy that is still appropriate today - plus it's a whole lot cheaper than some of the costly products on the supermarket shelves. Sprinkle on a generous amount of Borax - dona€™t go crazy, but use enough so that you can see it like a good shake of salt on the stain.
Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Mrs Clean (Corina Wilson) is not only the owner of the company, but a very busy mother of 3 children. When Mrs Clean is not busy managing her house cleaning company or running her kids back and forth to their events, she enjoys experimenting with natural and non-toxic cleaners and learning new techniques to remove stains. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her valuable information with the readers of her blogs and various social media sites. Connect with Mrs Clean House Cleaning on Google+ for valuable House Cleaning Help from Mrs Clean. I wear them like cardigans over V-Necks, tank tops, long sleeve tees, and pair them with leggings and yoga pants. Here are some really easy solutions to remove sweat and deodorant stains from your favorite garments.
As a "for instance," you can buy a spray deodorant for your car that is scented with "eau of new car" that makes the inside of your old beater smell like a brand new car! There are also "heat-released" deodorant units that you plug into electrical outlets and, when the tiny little element heats up, it releases a nice fragrance into the room masking musty or otherwise unpleasant odors.

Deodorants may contain heavy amounts of perfumed scents that can be as annoying as the perspiration itself. The salts mix with electrolytes in the sweat creating a gel that plugs up the duct of the sweat gland, temporarily preventing it from sweating.
Thata€™s a great tip to help prevent and eliminate underarm odor in an emergency - carry a small bottle in your purse or pocket! If the stain is really smelly, let the baking soda paste remain on the garment for an extra hour or more. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and on Mrs Clean's House Cleaning Tips Blog House Cleaning Central.
Clean and a community of expert house cleaners how to clean and remove the toughest of stains and learn the latest in home cleaning techniques.
Cleaning products ingredients vary and you should read all labels carefully and follow the manufacturers instructions completely.
Always test your cleaning or stain removal treatments in an inconspicuous area first, to ensure colorfastness and suitability. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
Place your deodorant-stained washable garments in the bucket with the vinegar and salt solution and allow them to soak overnight, as the vinegar and salt solution will loosen the crusted-on stains. Prior to placing your garments in the dryer, make sure the deodorant stain is completely removed so the dryer heat doesn't set the stain. Alternately rinse the sponge and blot at the stain until you've removed all the prewash stain-removing liquid and deodorant stain. Blot the diluted ammonia solution onto the deodorant stain on your fine washable to return the fabric to its normal colour. Chlorine bleach can be used to remove deodorant stains on white clothing, but make sure there aren't perspiration stains too.

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