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Fresh or concentrated lemon juice: You may squeeze fresh lemon juice directly on the stain until it is quite wet, then add a spoonful of table salt. Salt: Regular table or pickling salt is a miraculous ingredient in many things, including household cleaners. Perspiration, if allowed to stay in fabric, will eventually permanently stain and weaken the fabric.
Launder shirts in the hottest water safe for the fabric, using an enzyme detergent or a detergent with bleach alternative (check care labels to be sure this is okay).
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Use salted water to soak stained garments; mix with white vinegar for a very good stain remover. He is also one of the most knowledgeable individuals on sweat management solutions, men's shapewear, grooming, and new fabric technologies. Been using a deodorant called Lavilin for the past year and it somehow has solved our issues. If the stain is particularly bad and smelly, let the baking soda paste remain on the garment for a couple of hours then brush it off. If the stain is persistent, you may soak the entire garment in the vinegar solution for a couple of hours before running through a normal wash cycle. Controlled use of antiperspirants and laundering shirts immediately after wear can minimize the damage.

Use the hottest water safe for the garment.Wearing an undershirt can also help keep stains off your shirts.
If it is a bright sunny day, exposing the garment to the sun and allowing it to dry will enhance the stain removing power of the lemon juice. If you hold one of your stained shirts up to the light, you will see that it looks like a deposit of material there.

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