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Prior to pre-treatment to remove collar stain rings from your dress shirts, you should remove the collar stays.
It is important to understand that the stain on your collar is oil-based the most popular method of pre-treatment includes dishwashing detergent and shampoo.
After you have done this and applied the pre-treatment product thoroughly, let the product soak into the collar for fifteen to thirty minutes. It is most important that you read the label on each item thoroughly before attempting to remove collar stain rings from your dress shirts. Test the area in an inconspicuous portion on the inside of the back of the collar before using it on the entire collar to ensure that there is no damage to the color of the fabric. If the stain you are trying to remove is a yellow color, or a green color and the texture is crispy or crunchy, then the stain is a result of perspiration.
Bleach is one of the worst items you could use when you are removing collar stains even if the fabric is white.
Many household liquid detergents are specially designed to tackle difficult protein stains. If you are using household laundry detergent, you should try and use ones whose labels state that they have concentrating or oxygenated powers meant for protein-based stains such as grass stains and food.
Should the liquid laundry detergent fail to remove collar stain rings from your dress shirts, then you can create a combination treatment. If you still need to remove collar stain rings from your dress shirts, you can use hydrogen peroxide on your white fabrics. However, you should bear in mind that hydrogen peroxide contains whitening properties like chlorine bleach so it should be used with caution if you are trying to remove collar stain rings from your colored dress shirts. It is most important that you remove collar stain rings from your dress shirts as soon as possible. Here are some of my common stain remover techniques, using natural chemical-free techniques. Carpet Stains from Pet Urine, Food, or Liquids (including red wine) – Sprinkle salt or baking soda on the wet spot, and vacuum when dry.
Carpet Smells – Vacuum, then lightly sprinkle baking soda over carpet, gently rub into the fibers with a rag, brush, or broom, and vacuum at least an hour later (overnight is even better).

Deodorant – Rub the inside of jeans against the deodorant stain until all white traces are gone.
Dirt Stains – Mix equal parts baking soda and white vinegar, rub into spot, rinse or launder as usual. Grout stains – Mix baking soda and white vinegar into a paste, add a few drops of lemon juice for every ? cup of paste.
Grease or Greasy Food, BBQ Sauce – Apply liquid dishwashing detergent directly to the spot and rub. Ink – Spray the ink spot directly with vodka or other high proof, clear grain alcohol and lightly rub.
Lipstick – The quick fix it to spray or pour vodka or other high proof, clear grain alcohol directly on the stain.
Mustard – Rinse the backside of the fabric with cold water to remove as much of the mustard as possible without further spreading the stain.
Smells – Mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle, lightly spray fabric, carpet, or upholstery to remove bad odor. Sweat – Sweat stains are affectionately called “ring around the collar” for neckline sweat and “pit stains” for underarm sweat. Toothpaste – Scrape as much off the fabric as possible, and immediately soak in warm water. This entry was posted in Advice, The Basics and tagged Advice, clothing, DIY cleaning, Fabric, Fabric care, frugal, natural alternatives, value by JMorrow.
When your crisp white dress shirt or favourite tee starts yellowing around the collar or under the arms — don't sweat.
Most think sweat stains are caused by sweat, but they are actually the result of a reaction between aluminium-based antiperspirants and your body.
In the eight years since its debut, the company has grown beyond custom shirting to include selling custom and ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for men through a combined direct sales and e-commerce business model. Rathod credits coming at the business from the shoes of the consumer as one of the reasons his company has continued to grow. Organic body oil and hair oil will accumulate around the neck which then creates the ring stain around the collar on a dress shirt.

If you do not want to damage the collar, or are afraid that you will when you remove collar stain rings from your dress shirts, then you can rub the stain with your fingers instead of a toothbrush. Once that amount of time has passed, you should thoroughly inspect the shirt collar to make sure that the stain has been removed. You should test a small area on the collar before you use a particular stain remover or detergent to remove collar stain rings from your dress shirts.
If, however, the stain on the back of the collar is white or clear in color and it has a greasy texture, then the stain is a result of an antiperspirant. If you know which stain it is, then you know which solvent is appropriate to remove collar stain rings from your dress shirts.
The chlorine contained in household bleach creates a reaction to the proteins contained in the perspiration and will then darken the stain. It reacts with the same proteins from perspiration and instead of creating another chemical reaction, it breaks apart the proteins.
If the stains continue through many wash cycles before they are removed, then they become decidedly more difficult to remove, especially if they fail to undergo any pre-treatment. Removing those unsightly stains is easier than you think with the help of natural ingredients that will leave that article of clothing looking fresh.
To attack the discolouration, soak the shirt in a bowl filled with the vinegar and two cups warm water.
And this eco-friendly cleaning solution costs basically nothing, which means the money you save on dry cleaning can go toward an indulgent coffee at your favourite spot.
Now you can take off your jacket and raise your arms proudly without worrying about flashing nasty stains. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural whitening agent, and baking soda and salt work together to lift the stain. For extra scrubbing power, squeeze half a lemon into the baking soda vinegar paste, then rub into the fabric with the lemon.

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