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You have reached our official company web page, but your internet browser - Internet Explorer 6 is too old and it is no longer supported by our company. If your Windows 7 is not licensed it is very possible to get the Microsoft update in form of WGA Notification – Windows Genuine Advantage Notification or GENUINE warning.
After downloading the patch, copy the file to the C: disk and before launching you must have Administrator rights. I’ve been exploring the web for a possible tool that would remove Windows Not Genuine Notification on my computer and fortunately, I came across this site.
In this article we will learn how to make your Windows 7 Genuine without using any crack or third party tools.

If you are infected with these warnings – your windows updates will be terminated until you license the product and there will be startup warnings that you must license the system. In Windows XP we do that with simple registry modification – check here, but for Windows 7 we found excellent tool that will remove WGA permanently. This tool removes WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) completely from the OS, whilst still retaining genuine status and receiving all critical and optional updates from Microsoft. While downloading I was thinking it may be a malware or something but after scanning I got a go from my anti virus and after that I executed this wonderful application and it actually removed that nasty message from my desktop and also the dialog box which was coming after login in the system. In order to prevent these files from being installed again, make sure your Windows Update in Control Panel is set to Notify but do not automatically download.

Also you background will gone and WGA watermark will be inserted remaining you all the time that your Windows is not licensed. We are just using the build in VBS code that Microsoft have developed for some other reason.
What ever it is, if you want to know the new features of Windows 7, Here are some of the most prominent new features in Windows 7.

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