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This might be the most poorly made movie I’ve ever seen, just to get that out there up front. One of the most glaring aspects of the film from the trailer is the awfulness of the special effects. Anytime Rod messes up a word or doesn’t react to something – DRINK for 3 seconds! Unbeknownst to the couple, strange things start going on around them, things that would indicate something is off in the environment. I think when you consider that fact, it becomes obvious that this film is indeed authentically bad.

In fact, you can rest assured knowing that any drinking rule you can come up with will probably be extremely successful. The two decide to take their relationship to the next level and have sex at a hotel (for some reason).
They wake up the next day to find all hell has broken loose–birds are attacking their town.
To make these shots seamless, you would edit out the frames of film where the actor actually starts moving. Also, be prepared to either not really hear something, or jump from how loud certain things are.

The end result is one continuous shot of someone walking and, despite the changing camera angles, there is continuity to his walk.
It really does just look like the bird animations were done separately, and then just stuck into the movie. A little digging revealed that apparently the film’s director James Nguyen contracted a special effects guy to make the birds for the film.

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