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Your feet are important to get you where you need to go and can also become a fashion statement with the right shoes. Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. Stinky and smelly farts or flatulence can have a negative impact on you and other around this does have to be so , you may want to stop farting altogether but this cannot happen so this post will look at the causes and different ways to fix,reduce or stop the smelly ones. Flatulence can be referred to as belching and farting ,we all create gas in our gut and they come from a number of reasons some come into our mouth when we eat or drink for person   who like chewing gum they would have excess gas entering their stomach through their mouth these are usually not smelly. The food we eat especially alkaline ones when mix with acid in the stomach produces carbon dioxide further down in the large intestine.
As the food down our canals travel millions of bacteria act on undigested foods residue often producing gas which they  excrete .
Various vegetable , beans, lactose  and beverages create extra gas because they contain certain sugars which our digestive system can’t properly digest so it goes into the large bowel unchanged and the bacteria there ferment them and produce   gas . Non smelly gas are usually the very loud farts they have about 59% nitrogen 29 % hydrogen 9 % carbon dioxide 7 % methane and 3 % oxygen they usually come from our mouth when we eat fast or chew.The bubbles of nitrogen and carbon dioxide are usually large so when we force them out of our butt the fart makes a loud  sound but it is odorless. Silent farts are usually smelly farts they are made from the bacteria feeding on food in our intestine they produce small bubbles of gas ,so they exit our butt quietly. If you eat a lot of fat it goes through your canal largely unchanged when it reach the large intestine the bacteria there change them into volatile fatty acids they can smell really bad. There are some disorders such as lactose intolerant the inability of your body to digest the milk sugar lactose which will go through gut and also create foul gases  . Foods that give stinky farts  are rich in sulfur this is because  bacteria break them down and produce hydrogen sulfide which has a rotten smell. Eggs ,meats, cauliflower, sweet yam ,beans, brussel sprouts ,cabbage ,kale ,mustard green, collards, onions garlic and horseradish. Food which use sulfides as preservatives can also cause bad smelling gas beverages such as wines, coffee, tea , cocoa.
Artificial sweeteners cannot be broken down by many persons digestive system  so stay away from sugar free sweeteners and beverages with sweeteners such as sorbitol, xylitol and mannitol they are also culprits of bad flatulence.
I have being used apple cider vinegar just over two years it was recommended by my dad who had  been drinking it for years for his  diabetes. Activated charcoal is a fine powder charcoal that was subject to heat at over 1000 degrees  . There are over 100 trillion bacteria in our gut they can either be good bacteria (as in probiotics) or bad bacteria. For serious cases or gas or persons with illness like Irritable bowel syndrome and Lactose intolerance you may need probiotic supplements look for 10 strains or more of the different bacteria.
Digestive enzymes are the force behind digestion they are proteins made of amino acid the come together in the forms of chains to breakdown food into the nutrients your body needs. Beano is another product which has enzymes to breakdown beans, vegetables and whole grains so as to stop gas you can also soak your beans overnight before cooking to get rid of the sugars which causes the gas . There are some studies which show that peppermint oil can reduce the expulsion of flatulence and also reduce stomach muscle spasm therefore acting as a stomach and colon muscle relaxant.
For many of these digestive disorder above it can be a long struggle to find  a cure  as the persons who experience them know.Many of the above steps can take a while to work . This post takes a look at how to prevent sweaty butt in men and women and keeping away the smelly odor produced by sweat and bacteria from your bum. Ab wheel is a must have piece of equipment if you want to achieve great abs or just work out your abs,  abs wheels will work for you once used correctly ,even if you are a very fit person  these wheels will give you a workout to remember.This post will give the the fact on what are ab wheels how to use them to burn belly fat and review the best ab wheels . Smelly farts are one of the most embarrassing incidents that could ever happen to a person, especially during social gatherings. People with smelly farts will find relief in knowing that there are things that can be done to address foul-smelling farts, and these are not as complicated as one might think.
When undigested foods reach the large intestine, the harmless bacteria that reside therein break them down which will result in the release of small amounts hydrogen sulfide, which is responsible for giving fart its bad-smelling odor.
Certain kinds of digestive system problems can cause foul-smelling flatulence such as IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Certain health conditions are responsible for foul-smelling farts such as ulcers, food allergies, gallstones, stomach infections and even lactose intolerance.
Ingesting too much air while eating, drinking and even talking causes farting but it only becomes smelly when an individual is suffering from allergies and respiratory problems of some kind. Treatment for smelly farts is pretty simple, and this primarily involves cutting back on the consumption of foods that can cause farts to become stinky and increasing the intake of foodstuffs that prevent foul-smelling flatulence. Reducing the intake of dairy products like ice cream, cheese and milk prevents the excessive production of gas in the stomach which eventually results to smelly flatulence.
Fibers aid in cleaning out the digestive system and getting rid of waste from the body regularly and reduce the foul smell of farts.
Carbonated beverages introduce air into the stomach and when incorporated with a wrong diet and eating habits, this will definitely result to smelly flatulence.

Foods that can cause farts to become smelly must be consumed in moderation so as to prevent reeking flatulence.
Smelly farts are something people do not want to experience, especially during social gatherings. 3) Heidi tries to sell the gateway theory nobody’s buying by miscorrelating New England’s high marijuana use rates with increases in heroin use. If we’re really concerned about the epidemic of heroin abuse, perhaps we ought to ask the DEA why they approved a 1600% increase in oxycodone (synthetic heroin) manufacturing in the medical marijuana era, as many heroin addicts report choosing it when their Oxycontin subscriptions lapse, and why they just approved Zohydro, the purest, most potent form of oxycodone yet? 6) “Data shows 52% of the US public uses alcohol – a legal drug, and 7.3% uses marijuana – an illegal drug. 7) “Sentencing reform that leads to treatment, recovery and strong supports is the better alternative and will yield a more healthy, productive populace.
8) “Big tobacco kept the public in the dark for a half century by clouding evidence that smoking caused lung cancer….
Big Tobacco had to lie about its product because it is toxic and highly addictive.  It is Big Rehab, Big Pharma, and Big Prison that have to lie about the harms of marijuana to convince people to stick with a failed prohibition that funds their industries and today’s criminal Big Marijuana. Oh, there’s a smelly fish all right: it’s America hiding the futility of prohibition.  Did Heidi learn nothing from that last rotting fish we wrapped in the 21st Amendment and threw away? Offensive underarm body odor can be an embarrassing problem for many people.  It affects all inter-personal relationships, their friendships, attractiveness, and careers.  After all who wants to hang around someone who just plain stinks?
There are many mistaken beliefs about underarm odor so sufferers often go about treating it all the wrong way. We are all used to associating sweaty armpits with offensive body odor, but actually sweat doesn’t have much of a smell at all! In fact, sweat is primarily water and is nearly odorless.  The odor is produced by bacteria which live on the surface of the skin. The bacteria break down the sweat, and the waste product is responsible for the underarm odor. Good personal hygiene plays an essential part in preventing underarm odor.  You should shower or bath after any activity that causes you to sweat a lot. Since the cause of the underarm odor is the bacteria, it makes sense that if we reduce the amount of sweat then we can prevent the bacteria that depend on it. So we want to reduce excessive sweating, prevent underarm odor, and we want to do it without resorting to antiperspirants.
Next, you need to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of plain water.  As much as it pains me to say, caffeine is also a contributor to body odor, so cut down.
Essential oils such as rose and mint can be added to bath water.  They relax and revive the body and mind, and also help control unpleasant underarm odor.
Baby powder, talc, and even baking soda can be applied to your underarms as a substitute for antiperspirant.
Readers with sweaty armpits are encouraged to check out our review of Stop Sweating and Start Living for a natural sweating cure.
If you are such a man, you know that this problem can be extremely embarrassing, especially if you are in an intimate relationship that may require putting those balls on display.
Maintaining good personal hygiene is one of the most important things you can do to eliminate odor. Right before you’re ready to get out, switch the water over to cool so that you don’t end up sweating straight out of the shower.
Be sure to thoroughly dry off your balls, too, so that you don’t have any lingering moisture down there.
Applying MenScience Advanced Body Powder to your inner thighs after a shower will help soak up any excess moisture from sweat, which will further prevent foul smells from wafting up from your groin. Do not apply any type of deodorant directly to the balls, as this can cause irritation and inflammation.
If you have hairy balls, they may be compounding the problem by absorbing and retaining all that sweat.
While you don’t have to shave incessantly – especially since it causes irritation — keeping groin hair neatly groomed and trimmed can only help. They are made up of the gas Indole, Skatole, Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) ( is the source of sulfur in the intestine) and  Mercapthan. I can say it really works in keeping his blood sugar low (1) that he has stop using all medication given by his doctor. It has millions of pores which traps the gas as it pass through your system, just like a sponge . The good should out outnumber your bad bacteria by 9 to 1 if not this results is gas and many other effects .
Studies have also shown that probiotic preparations containing a lactobacillus or bifidobacterium strain can reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (1) .They should be  Enteric coated probiotic capsule they can bypass the stomach acid to reach our intestine so that the healthy bacteria can remain intact  and to repopulate . As you get older they can reduce in numbers or they can decrease due to illness , medication and stress .

A study was done using fibre , antispasmodics and peppermint oil to treat irritable bowel syndrome the results showed that all were effective  in the treatment of IBS  by peppermint was the best.
For those people they can   use a deodorizing pad  these pads are made with activated charcoal  cloth to remove the foul smell from farts. By increasing the consumption of dietary fibers and fluids, unpleasant digestive symptoms could be alleviated, and eventually, so would the bad smell of flatulence.
People fart as a result of the accumulated gas that was produced by the body from the digestion of food in the stomach and intestines. This is because the gas contains hydrogen sulfide coming from foods that are rich in sulfur such as eggs, meat, cabbage, cauliflower and onions, to name just a few. Foods that are known to cause malodorous flatulence include cauliflower, meat, eggs, legumes, cabbages, dairy products, bananas, onions, prunes, radishes and even beverages like dark beer and wine.
People suffering from IBS do not have sufficient stomach acids or enzymes that will break down the food in the stomach.
There are some studies that reveal that men release larger volumes of gas, but women tend to discharge higher concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in their farts than men. The treatment is pretty simple though if an individual takes time to examine the foods that make his or her flatulence stinky and practice the right eating habits.
There is not much you can do about the sweat glands in your groin, but you can minimize the sweating and prevent offensive odor. Pay particular attention to your nether regions and make sure you wash up with a men’s body cleanser. This will allow moisture and sweat to air out rather than stick to your balls and create bacteria heaven. Sometimes we do pass  loud and stinky farts when the big gas bubbles mix with the small bubbles. Over the the years using apple cider I have seen a number of changes one of the first was my farts were odorless .
A teaspoon of activated charcoal has the surface area of a football field  and it has been used by doctors and hospitals for over 150 years to remove toxins and poisons from our bodies. The use of antibiotics medications and stress can cause your system to have reduce amount of good bacteria. If you don’t have enough enzymes it can lead to gas and bloating because there will be  excess food particles for bacteria to breakdown resulting in more gas bubbles. Peppermint oil reduced symptoms of IBS by 57% which was 25% more than those who took antispasmodics and 44% more than those who took fibre and 26% of the patients saw symptoms after treatment. It is recommended  to take about 90 mg of peppermint oil a day to help reduce bloating , gas and bowel movement for people with IBS excessive gas . Farting also occurs due to the air in the blood and swallowed air that leaks into the intestines. This results in movement of undigested foods into the large intestines where the bacteria break them down.
I know there were times after I would have had a few pieces fried chickens and  ice cream I would have enough gas to supply and entire city and my farts would really smell foul( I am lactose intolerant)  I would take a teaspoon of natural apple cider vinegar along with a glass of water within 30 minutes and my fart would be odorless.
Activated charcoal is very good at absorbing hydrogen sulfides which is responsible for those obnoxious air bagel . You can use a digestive enzyme supplement such as NOW Foods Super Enzymes (read the reviews). When purchasing peppermint oil capsule for gas look for enteric coated which will allow the capsule to pass through until it reaches your colon . Gas buildup within the lower visceral part of the body brings a number of uncomfortable symptoms, and expelling them through farting brings a great deal of relief. So the more a person consumes sulfur-rich foods, the more hydrogen sulfide will be mixed into the gas which will result to smelly farts. However, the intensity of the smell of the fart depends on the contributing factors for each individual. Research was done on on charcoal and gas some studies shows it works other disagree so it inconclusive but many people swear that nothing else work better than this you can read reviews on Amazon.
Probiotics help by killing the bad bacteria that feed on carbohydrates  and produce foul gas in your large intestine it also increase your immune system to fight these nasty microorganisms.
Heather’s Tummy Tamers Peppermint Oil Capsules is a highly recommended peppermint capsule but there are other brands you can check that works.
Apple cider is also a Prebiotics (mind you not probiotic) it has a carbohydrate called pectin which attaches itself to waste products in the intestines one such is bacteria and take them  out  of the system to be depose of as waste this leaves the probiotic in your gut to multiply and develop a healthy gut thus reducing gas.

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