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Sunday, January 22 is the 39th anniversary of Roe versus Wade, and I’ll be decorating my home with a festive birth control and abortion mobile. You’ll never forget to take your pills when you store them in this decorated Hello Kitty birth control pill case.
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This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Also known as the morning after pill, it is a medication taken to prevent pregnancy AFTER unprotected sexual intercourse. If taken according to the instructions on the packet, emergency contraception is 90 to 95 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. The following three brands are available in American pharmacies (such as CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens) without prescription for women aged 17 and over. Next Choice: Contains 2 pills - first pill should be taken within 72 hours and a second one 12 hours later.
Levonorgestrel Tablets: Contains 2 pills - first pill should be taken within 72 hours and a second one 12 hours later.
Ella: Is prescription only, regardless of your age, although it can be ordered through an online prescription service. The morning after pill interferes with the ovulation process by slowing the movement of the egg down the fallopian tube, so that it is less likely to meet sperm. No, the abortion pill (Mifeprex, also called RU-486 and mifepristone) and the morning after pill are two different products. Emergency contraceptives have no long-term or serious side effects and are safe for most women to use. The morning after pill is not meant to be used as a regular method of birth control because it contains high doses of hormone which may be harmful if taken too often. If you experience severe tummy pain, you may have an ectopic pregnancy and should seek immediate medical attention.
The only way to know if the morning after pill has worked is when you get your next period. Please Note: Information provided on this site is no substitute for professional medical help.
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If you are sexually active but don't want to have a baby yet, talk to your doctor about safer forms of contraception. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include hives, rash, itching, breathing difficulties, swelling of the mouth, tongue or lips.
How to take Ovral-L You need to take this pill exactly after sexual performance to prevent the risk of pregnancy. Komen, of course, has been subject to intense public scrutiny over their recent decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s breast care programs, and many are calling for the departure of founder Nancy Brinker, along with the rest of the board.
Her prints are intriguing, informative, and graphic (in a good way) and you can buy them on Etsy.
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It is similar to the normal daily contraceptive pill but contains a much higher dosage of hormones. There are a few different types of emergency contraceptives, and some are slightly more effective than others. If you need help with the costs, many local health departments offer free emergency contraceptive to lower income women.
You may find condoms (including female condoms), birth control implants or birth control injections for example, more practical options.
Ovral is a form of birth control pill, which acts by averting an ovulation, varying the cervical mucus & the altering of the uterus coating.
The kit of ovral-L comprises 21 pills, which needs to be taken daily and halt during menstruation.
Storage You need to store this medicine under the room temperature away from the range of sunrays, heat and air. You may need to take emergency contraception because the contraception you used when you had intercourse failed (for example your condom broke) or because you didn't use contraception. It cannot end a pregnancy that has already begun - which is why it won't work if taken outside of the recommended 120 hours (or 72 hours depending on the brand you take). To locate your nearest health department look at the government listings usually found at the front of your phone book. You supposed to take this supplement with or without meal and through ample amount of water. Typically a packet of emergency contraceptives contains 1 or 2 pills and this is sufficient, if taken in time, to prevent conception. It is also worth remembering that the morning after pill will not protect you from HIV infection (the virus that causes AIDS) or any other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Alternatively google your county name and the words 'public health' or 'health department'. In short, this pill can be used immediately after you enjoy an unguarded sex with the love one to drop down the risk of pregnancy. It does this by making the womb expel the egg, ending the pregnancy, up to 49 days after it is confirmed. You could also contact your local Planned Parenthood Center which offer a 'sliding fee scale', depending on your income.

If you have Medicaid coverage, it should cover you for the full cost of the morning after pill in most states.
This pill is a kind of birth control method for the one who tend to perform sex without any precaution to prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Safety measures It is an emergency contraceptive pill one must not take it as an abortion pill. This need to be taken exactly after sexual performance, if you missed the dose you may likely to develop the risk of pregnancy. HE NOW again drowns many of His enemy, as "i" prophesy months back, and since He has drown many in Tonga, and crushed many in Haiti! If, you get any kind of severe complication while exerting this pill kindly consult the doctor.
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Drinking alcohol or smoking would be one of the biggest threats to turn the drug affect less, thus try avoiding this unhealthy habit to perform.
You also need to disclose your complete health record to the physician before taking this contraceptive pill.
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