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How to Tame Garlic BreathYOU’VE JUST FEASTED ON A FANTASTIC ITALIAN DINNER – now you feel like a garlic-breathing dragon. Water, unfortunately, isn’t going to help – and sucking on a mint or chewing gum will only mask your garlic breath temporarily. Once garlic is digested into your system, its oils are ushered into your bloodstream and circulated to the lungs, where its garlicky odor is exhaled for up to 72-hours.
While there are ways to avoid getting garlic breath, everyone is prone to bad breath now and then. A study found that 32% of Americans cite bad breath as the least attractive trait of a co-worker – so the people around you will appreciate the efforts you make to eliminate this issue. If you’re plagued by chronic bad breath, your first line of defense is to brush and floss your teeth at least twice day – for at least 2 minutes each time. Poor oral hygiene, drinks, our diets, medical conditions, and illness can all play a role in halitosis. It never hurts to know a little more about your smile.  Contact us if you have any other dental-related questions or to set up an appointment!
You may have noticed many Indian restaurants have bowls of fennel seeds (sometimes candy-coated) for patrons to grab on the way out the door.

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