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The calf muscles pull the heels up in order to allow the forward movement while walking, running or jumping. Medicines such as Ibuprofen or naproxen (NSAIDs) can be taken to relieve pain and to reduce inflammation. Excessive swelling can have negative impact on the function of affected leg and can cause much pain. As a part of treatment of calf muscle strain, some exercises are also prescribed to the patients of this condition in order to strengthen the calf muscles once they have healed and the pain is gone.
Using a rigid band or a towel which is wrapped around the foot and the two ends of the towel or band in your hands, the foot in moved near the head until there feels a stretch in the calf muscles or archilles tendon. Calf muscles are also quite vulnerable to injuries and are generally caused when stress upon the calf muscle detaches it from the Achilles tendon. Minor injuries, causing simple muscle tears, get repaired within 48 hours and induce slight discomfort, severe injury takes nearly a fortnight to heal, while a complete muscle rapture leads to severe pain and calls for immediate medical attention. Whether it is a home remedy or a doctor’s prescription, a calf muscle injury must be attended immediately as it may lead to further complications. If you are suspecting that the leg pain you are suffering from is nothing but a calf muscle injury then you must seek the advice of an orthopaedist immediately. First Aid There are several first aid options that you can easily try at your home before you take a trip to the nearest orthopaedist. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs As an ideal painkiller you can take ibuprofen for your calf muscle injury.
Rehabilitation You should rehabilitate your calf muscles slowly and gradually and only under the supervision of rehabilitation therapist or a trained sports injury professional.
You should not start the process all by yourself unless your general physician gives the approval.
Tips and Warning Athletes and runners usually suffer from calf muscles injuries due to several causes like ineffective stretching before and after workout, sudden increase in running time, improper running technique, uphill running and dietary deficiencies.
If you are planning to set a running routine for yourself, you must make sure that your schedule includes warm up, hydration breaks and warm down. You might be able to reduce your calf muscle ache by simply applying an ice pack to the lower leg. Many doctors also recommend taking an over-the-counter pain-relieving medication, such as naproxen or ibuprofen.

These muscles include two heads of gastrocnemius muscle (larger part) and the soleus muscle(smaller part) that transform into a tendon and extend from the back of the knee up till the back of the ankle where it forms the Archilles tendon.
Due to excessive contraction, excessive tension, excessive pull, or due to a direct blow on these muscles, strain occurs in them. Pain increases along with the grades. So in order to bring back the functionality of leg, following treatments of calf muscles are necessary. If the affected calf muscles are not allowed to rest, then there could be an increase in the inflammation and pain of the area and hence, healing time would be prolonged. Hence, to reduce this swelling an elastic bandage is wrapped around the area, not too tightly so as to allow blood flow and required contraction of the muscles.
There are many websites that are going to help you find the qualified orthopaedist or surgeons in your area. While choosing the nearest orthopaedic surgeon you must make sure that they are licensed by the government board of orthopaedic surgery.
The first aid for calf injury includes resting the injured limb, ice pack treatment to reduce inflammation and pain, bandaging the limb with ACE bandage or any elastic bandage to ensure moderate compression and elevating the limb. A shoe store specializing in orthopaedic shoes usually keeps such recovery heel pad. You can purchase them from the nearest shoe store or you can ask the orthopaedist to list the shoe stores in that area where you can purchase the heel pad. The calf muscles, or triceps surae, are a common injury location for some athletes and runners. Many doctors and physical therapists recommend doing the ice therapy during the resting period. These types of medications work to relieve a calf muscle ache as well as to reduce inflammation in the muscles. This strain can occur when due to any of the mentioned reasons the muscle fibers of this part tear off. Elevation helps to increase venous return to the systemic circulation and thus reduces swelling. This exercise begins as; sitting with your back straight and also with your leg kept straight in front of you. The step is repeated 10 times and the exercise is carried out 3 times a day only if it does not seem to increase the symptoms. Depending upon the severity of the pain, the calf muscle injury can be categorised into 3 grades.
You can also employ your local connections to conduct a search for the best orthopaedist in your neighbourhood.

However, you should not take any other painkillers unless they are supervised by your general physician. If you feel a slight discomfort related to calf strain, do not continue with your workouts or exercises. The pain might be the result of not enough stretching before a physical activity or even a muscle fiber tear.
If your calf muscle ache is mild, the resting period might be comprised of not exercising for only a few days.
You can use a store-bought ice gel pack, ice cubes in a plastic bag or even a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer for this remedy.
Be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that these types of medications will not negatively counteract with any other medications you’re currently taking.
Pulling of the calf muscles beyond their normal range can also cause strain and ignite pain. You might even be able to switch to a low-impact activity that won’t strain the calf muscle, such as swimming. This remedy is believed to work because it reduces movement of the sore muscles, and it reduces muscle tendon swelling. After your leg begins to recover, you also might want to incorporate deep stretching exercises and calf muscle-building practices into your normal regimen in order to prevent future injuries. Self-care treatments include resting, icing, compressing, elevating and medicating the calf.
If you are experiencing debilitating pain, you might need to call your doctor to see whether you need to stay off your leg completely.
You can also try elevating your sore calf, raising it above your heart level while sitting or sleeping.

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