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Gold Smoke Cat Eye Glassesby ElopeThese cat eye style sunglasses have glittering, leopard-spotted frames with black earpieces, plastic hinges, and UV 400 protection. My dog is around 5yrs old and within the last couple months the little bump on her chest "righr side" has grown into a lump like #15.She is a very happy dog, loves to play and eat. My collie who is turning 8 years old, just shampooing him yesterday I have noticed a large bump cyst it is not a dark color just flesh looking bump, hopefully that is a benign, please give me a idea. My dog has a bump or cyst that has grown slow, right next to and by the side of her bottom, it is smooth and seems in color as skin color and to be reddish and blueish color in tint too mixed in- and is round an not real large , about a pebble size , I can prick it, with a sterile needle and a little blood will come out, but over all it feels pretty firm like something is in it, I am going to go ahead to the vet that I cannot really afford right now with out a job, but I need to know if she is OK?

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I am guessing no matter what it will need to be surgically removed and then cauterized, so it does not bleed out.??? My dog's is somewhat rounded and smooth, growing, same color as his skin-white (he is a yorkshire terrier) on his body.

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