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Dentigerous cysts are associated with unerupted or impacted tooth structures; the cysts form when abnormal dental epithelial tissue expands (Figure A).
The key to optimal care is early recognition and intervention before destructive expansion of the cyst occurs.
Hot topics on dvm3605 ways to wow pet owners (and pets) 10 steps to take when a practice owner dies dvm360 sits down with Dr. A: Although dentigerous cysts are technically nonmalignant lesions, their diagnosis and treatment should not be taken lightly. Treatment involves removal of the entire unerupted or impacted tooth structure and thorough curettage of the epithelial lining of the cyst wall. A dental radiograph of the patient in Figure A after removal of the abnormal unerupted mandibular first premolar and thorough debridement of the epithelial lining of the cyst cavity. This epithelial debridement, which can be performed with an appropriately sized bone curette, should be as thorough as possible to avoid leaving any remnants of epithelial cyst lining behind (Figure B ).

No evidence of pathology was found on oral examination, other than a missing mandibular first premolar. After tooth removal and cyst wall debridement, close the cystic defect; bone remodeling will occur over the course of several months to eliminate the cyst cavity. This radiograph reveals an abnormal unerupted mandibular first premolar associated with radiolucent cystic lesions. Pay special attention to the mandibular first premolar area of small breed, brachycephalic dogs because teeth in this area frequently do not erupt or are impacted. Resorption of the mesial root of the mandibular second premolar, caused by the expanding cyst, is also present.

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