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Everybody should have some basic knowledge of first aid when you need to treat injuries such as cuts and skin irritations. Before we begin to talk about the symptoms of infection, we tell what you should do if you get a cut on any part of our body. The very first thing you should do is to  disinfect or properly wash your hands before touching the infected cut. The area of cut should be thoroughly washed with soap and water to prevent the ingress of bacteria or other substances. Then you need to press the cut and then apply an antiseptic cream and cover a cut with a Band-Aid or sterile gauze. Antibiotic ointments, such as Neosporin or Bacitracin, help in faster healing of minor wounds, scrapes, punctures or burns. Proper awareness about caring for the wound can help to prevent the symptoms outlined below at an early stage.
The first step of treatment is to stop excessive bleeding, so you need to change the bandage and clean the wound with a good antiseptic and cover it with sterile gauze. If you can not stop the bleeding and suturing is necessary, please see your doctor as soon as possible.
As a precaution against common infections always carefully check the wounds of children and the elderly before the start of treatment.
Most of the time, tooth pain is caused by an infection reaching the interior portion of your tooth.

The first method of tooth infection treatment involves swishing your mouth with colloidal silver. The second method of how to treat an infected tooth is to heal your cavities and prevent tooth pain using a Miswak stick. Copyright © 2016 How to Prevent Cavities and Cure Them Naturally - Preventing & Curing Cavities Naturally Without A Dentist! It is important to seek medical attention if the wound does not heal within a few days, or if it gets worse and you begin to feel the heat or headache. Although this symptom also means that the body is fighting an infection, and increased redness and swelling are the first sign of infection of the cut. You should take a black radish , grate with the peel, put on a double layer of gauze, put on the wound. If you want long-term relief, you need to plan on going to a dentist and getting your cavities filled.
The natural methods to help prevent your teeth from becoming infected involve oil pulling and chewing on a Miswak stick. Here are a few ways how to determine if the cut is infected or not and how to treat an infected cut. This does not mean that we underestimate minor cuts, minor cuts can be also dangerous if they get infected. It helps to numb your teeth so that they do not hurt, and it also helps to kill the bad bacteria.

Going to a dentist is also a commonly accepted practice to help get rid of your tooth pain. Patients with diabetes or a weakened immune system, cancer patients (chemotherapy), people who are on steroid treatment, patients on dialysis or HIV-infected patients are more susceptible to infection through cuts and wounds. You typically want to swish it around in your mouth, for 5 to 10 minutes, making sure that it comes in direct contact with the infected portion of your tooth. The advantage of using clove oil is that it is antibacterial and can kill any germs that are causing the infection in your tooth. Oil pulling helps to pull bad bacteria out of your gum lines so that your mouth can be more healthy and germ-free.
Please remember that you have the responsibility to consult with a dental professional before using any of these methods. It also helps to recalcify your teeth so that they can be strong and more resistant to cavities. Chewing on a Miswak stick kills the harmful bacteria that are causing your cavities to grow and your teeth to hurt.

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