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Skin infections caused by tattoos can be serious and difficult to treat, a perspective article by the New England Journal Of Medicine Notes.
We usually assume that tattoo-related infections come from infected needles, which used to be used on more than one person, but of late, more and more infections have been linked to the actual ink used by tattoo artists. Tattoo parlors are overseen by state and local authorities to ensure safe tattooing practices and prevent contamination of inks. The latest breakout of skin infections a€” known as nontuberculous mycobacterial infections a€” are associated with contaminated tattoo inks.

Because the outbreak is widespread, it's likely that parlor-specific practices aren't the cause. The new outbreak usually takes 4 to 6 months of treatment that comes with serious side effects. There was a recent outbreak in New York of infections that showed up as red bumps (known as papules) on grey-colored areas of recently acquired tattoos, like the image above. Some artists think that using distilled water is safe enough, but in reality, the water should be sterilized, the post says.

A total of 19 people had infections that could be traced to grey ink, from four different states.

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