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They have tiny pin-point openings along the length of the eyelids, just behind the line of the eyelashes.
A chalazion or meibomian cyst is treated with antibiotic ointment to prevent a secondary infection, the application of heat treatment and gentle massage towards the eye after applying the antibiotic. You will be instructed to remove the patch the following day after thoroughly washing your hands. The meibomian gland is the main reason why tears do not spill directly from the eye onto the cheek.
There are more than 50 glands on the upper portion of the eyelid, and around 25 glands on the lower part of the eyelid.
Since almost every person has meibomian glands, nearly everyone is susceptible to meibomian gland dysfunction.
While Meibom contributed positively to our current understanding of the meibomian gland, he did not contribute to medicine in any other significant manner. Apparently the meibomian gland and the sebum it produces is the reason your eyes are water and air tight when they close. I think there are certain medications that can cause dry eyes as well, probably by affecting the meibomian gland.
If the chalazion persists, it can be removed by means of a procedure referred to as an incision and curettage (I+C).
This gland is located in the corner of the eyelid area, and it is responsible for producing sebum.

While over-the-counter "fake tear" solutions may help temporarily, a meibomian gland malfunction cannot be cured with this type of medication. When these glands become swollen, the result is often a slight eyelid pain that can be unbearable in some cases. This is done under local anaesthesia in adults and under a very short general anaesthetic in children.
However, most people do not seek any help for dry eyes until the eyes have become severely irritated. Upon further inspection, a medical examination will reveal raised bumps under and above the eyelid area.
Regardless, thanks to Meibom's one major discovery, medical doctors now know why some people consistently deal with dry eyes. But, with a thin layer of oil there, they sort of stick together to keep the water or air out and your tears in. It could possibly lead to eye infections if I let them get too dry, too often, as it allows bacteria more reign to take over the eye.
It is not uncommon for meibomian gland disorder to be diagnosed as classic "dry eye" disorder. Some treatments include applying a hot compress to the area and ingesting oral antibiotics. The glands themselves were named after Heinrich Meibom who discovered the meibomian glands.

They produce an oily secretion which slows the evaporation of the tear film from the surface of the eye. When this type of misdiagnosis occurs, the meibomian glands are not allowed to heal properly.
Aside from meibomian gland dysfunction, this area of the eye is not usually affected by other ailments.
During his lifetime, Meibom wrote various medical treaties that explained, amongst other things, the function of the gland. These would be especially useful if you don't really have very dry eyes, but only slightly affected eyes. In fact, the only thing that really happened was that I wasn't comfortable using contacts anymore. The clamp is used to evert the eyelid so that the incision is made on the inside of the eyelid, avoiding a visible scar.

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