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Odds are you are looking for pictures or images of pilonidal cyst because you developed a lump on your lower back and want to determine if it is a pilonidal cyst.
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But when it commonly recurs, it might not just be a simple skin disease which you thought it was. However, since its size differs in every sufferer and some of them have undergone medical procedures attempting to get rid of their pilonidal cyst, pictures or images of this can be misleading.

Pilonidal cysts are sometimes called as “Jeep Disease” for the reason that during the World War II, tens of thousands of soldiers developed pilonidal cysts which required for their hospitalization. Most soldiers during the war rode in jeeps which are hard to sit at thereby causing prolonged and repetitive trauma to their coccyx or sacral area, thus the term “jeep disease”.
A tailbone abscess develops approximately an inch and a half above the anus in the natal cleft, but rapidly spreads to part of buttocks and the lower back. Like the next preceding cause, occupations which lead to prolonged trauma or contact to the sacral area like driving the whole day, sitting in a poorly cushioned seat, etc, can lead to getting pilonidal cysts. Excessive hair growth, like in people with hirsutism, is most likely to develop pilonidal cysts since loose hair may penetrate inside the skin leading to inflammatory response.
Incision and drainage is a procedure wherein the surgeon injects an anesthetic to the sacrum to numb the skin and adjacent areas.
After incision has been made, the pus will then be drained, including the hair and follicles and other skin debris inside the cyst. Antibiotic therapy is necessary in order to prevent infection from happening once incision has been made.

Heat has a therapeutic effect and promotes the flow of blood into the area thereby bringing more blood, oxygen and nutrients which will speed up the healing process.
Also, doing a hot sitz bath will further clean the incised area from debris and crusts which might have accumulated from drainage.
It would be inconvenient for you to care for your own wound, since the wound is located at your back; in this case, your caregiver need to be well educated with regard to the correct principles of wound cleaning and wound dressing. Tea tree oil has both antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties which helps soothe painful swelling pilonidal cysts.

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