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What do you do if a dog's eyes are swollen almost shut and are itchy and weepy and the vet has treated her for allergies and an infection without luck? What can you do if your dog got stung by a bee and his eye is swollen shut and the swelling is spreading to the other eye making it shut? The vet advised if it continued to swell then she may need to be seen, however I can happily report that within 2 hours the swelling has gone completely and my dog is bouncing around. Try this for a day (the acids in the tea bag are healing) and if this doesn't work (the infection is too bad) please go to another vet.
Your dog may have a serious eye condition and it may not be allergies at all.If the second vet does find that your dogs problems are caused by allergies, you can also try using homeopathic medications to treat the allergy symptoms.

I have heard that homeopathic remedies are very safe to use, even babies and pets can use adult homeopathic remedies.
If the dog's one eye is swollen from a bee sting, it's because of the venom that the bee injected. I put my dogs on a raw foods diet, and their recovery from many age problems was miraculous. It is possible that if you didn't remove the stinger, assuming it actually was a bee and not a wasp, that it may have become infected. But if you talk to hunters, meat processors, let people know you will take their freezer burned meat, and by lots of whatever you can find on a good sale, (I got chicken leg quarters for $.59 a lb) it can be cheaper than dry dog food.

I don't mean to be rude, but while you were typing the question, your dog is sitting their suffering. If you were stung by a bee in the eye and your other eye is starting to have a problem, would you not go to the doctor.

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