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Symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease include sore throat, fever, lethargy, sores inside the mouth and rash on the hands and feet. The cause of hand, foot and mouth disease is attributed to three different viruses and are spread by these viruses. There are no sure safeguards against hand, foot and mouth disease, and there is no vaccine. There is no treatment for hand, foot and mouth disease, but there are treatments used to ease the child's individual symptoms. Hoof and Mouth Disease is a highly contagious animal disease sometimes known as Foot and Mouth Disease.
Fever is very common in young children. More than 60% of parents with children aged between six months and five years say their child has had one. It is usually caused by a minor viral infection, such as a cough or cold, and can normally be treated at home.

A high temperature can be quite worrying for parents and carers, but most children recover with no problems after a few days. If you suspect your child has a fever, you should check their temperature with a thermometer. Safe, cheap digital thermometers are available from your local pharmacy, supermarket or online retailers.
However, if you give your child one medicine and it doesn't seem to be helping, it's OK to try the other one before the next dose is due. Always check the instructions on the bottle or packet carefully, and never exceed the recommended dose. If your child suffers from asthma, seek advice from your GP or pharmacist before giving them ibuprofen. Rash has red bumps that appear on the abdomen and chest tha tcan spread to other parts of the body.

Many people still call this disease hoof and mouth, although it is a viral disease that affects cloven-hoofed animals. It is often easily diagnosed by looking at the sores in the mouth and rashes that may occur. This may include saliva, pus from sores and fecal matter not washed away with hand washing.
If the practice is closed, call NHS 111 or contact your GP out-of-hours service – there will be a phone number on your GP's answerphone.
Your answers will help them decide whether your child can be cared for at home or whether they should be seen at the GP practice, out-of-hours centre, or hospital.

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