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When a piece of jewelry is placed on your belly, it moves back and forth and rubs against your clothes. Very often, the belly piercing gets infected, when touching it with fingers. Make it a point to cover the belly piercing with waterproof bandage before you take bath or swim. Being the dark and moist area, belly button is the ideal place for the growth of microorganisms. If you don’t have greenish or yellow discharge from the belly button, then you can very well remove the jewelry and give space for the belly to heal on its own.
Ingrown hair is a harmless skin disorder, most common among the youngsters and adults of darker skin. Ingrown hair occurs after puberty and it is a very common skin disorder that tend to affect the regions of thicker and coarse hairs.
Inflammatory reaction due to a localized foreign object in that area of Ingrown hair may cause pink bumps on skin.
Pustules and rare abscesses can also appear due to infection by common bacteria, such as Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus, over the Ingrown hair area.
Pseudofolliculitis known as ‘razor bumps’ is one type of ingrown hair, wherein five to forty small red bumps appear over the shaving area of lower face and the neck. The hairs create a sharp tip, when they are cut short which can easily pierce through the skin and tend to cause the ingrown hair. Tight clothing which generates friction and waxing method of hair removal can worsen the condition. Apart from the aggressive and improper methods adopted in the hair removal, the other natural cause can be the presence of too much dead skin debris that blocks the opening of hair follicles, causing the hair growth sideways. Hydrating and softening the skin and hair before shaving decreases ingrown hairs, as it may give rounded tip to the hairs and thus preventing its chances to reenter the skin.
Salt or sugar that are the natural mild exfoliators may be applied to reduce the redness or irritation caused by the ingrown hairs. Use a wet cloth, mild soap, soft bristled brush, moistened sponge and wash the hair in circular motion for several minutes to make them soft and to dislodge the stubborn tips.
Avoid pulling the skin while shaving as it will result in a closer shave and allow the hairs to reenter the skin. Using a sterile needle along with an alcohol wipe or tweezers to dislodge the ingrown hair is not advisable as it can damage the skin.
Using chemical depilatories every alternative day can loosen the hair and help in blunting the tips of shaved hair. Topical tretinoin may help to thin out the epidermis and decrease the skin plugging, reduce the buildup of dead skins, and the ingrown hair.

Topical antibiotics such as erithromycine and clindamycine for pustules and abscesses, and topical antibacterial agents such as Benzoyl peroxide for infection and their application in combination can help to reduce skin bacteria and treat secondary infections.
Once or twice a day, antibacterial lotion wash with benzoyl peroxide or chlorhexide can control infection. Oral antibiotics such as tetracycline orcephalexin can treat infected pustules and abscesses.
Applying topical eflornithine HCL 13.9% cream can reduce hair growth as a long term relief. Generally laser hair removal is faster, efficient and safe to decrease permanently the number of hairs. Creams such as hydroquinone 4%, kojic acid, azelaic acid 15%-20% can improve skin discoloration. This website is purely for information purpose and gives information that is general in nature. While treatment and remedies for an infected navel piercing is simple and easy, not many know the proper way of how to take care of it. You can consult your doctor instead of using over the counter medicines for treating such infection. When you can feel warm in the area with pus like discharge, you have to treat it immediately.
They normally have the appearance of scattered red bumps and can be cosmetically disfiguring.
Also, the ingrown hair may occasionally be just visible at the center of the lump; at times the dry or pus-filled bumps remain scattered over the shaved area. The bumps with the hair shaft in center are seen, close to the hair follicle opening on the shaved area. In severe cases, taking treatment from a specialist in dermatology may give better results. Please contact your health care provider for specialized medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.
Sometimes, when you are bathing in bathtubs, the water may accumulate on the jewelry and piercing area which give rise to bacterial growth.
Make sure that you are doing piercing from trained professional who use sterile equipments for piercing.
Pink little bumps can be seen around hair follicles on the skin area that undergo frequent shaving.
Place the cloth in the microwave for about 25 seconds and place it on your infected belly button and hold it until the cloth cools down.

It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help soothe stomach pains and relieve indigestion, as well as reducing the frequency of loose stools. Also, the high potassium content present in bananas helps replace electrolytes that may be lost when suffering from diarrhea.Mash a ripe banana and mix it in a glass of buttermilk. Acne white heads, which are called milia, can also be present in the region of ingrown hair. In untreated or chronic cases, scarring, post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and rare keloid disorder may also occur.
It also contains chemicals that help relax the intestinal tract.Add one-half teaspoon of dry ginger powder to one cup of buttermilk, mix it well and drink this solution three or four times a day for two days. Drink this two or three times daily for one to two days.Mash a ripe banana in a bowl and mix in one teaspoon of tamarind pulp and a little bit of salt. You can also add a pinch of asafetida also known as hing in this solution.Simmer a few slices of fresh ginger in two cups of boiling water for 10 minutes. MintMint, a very healthy and aromatic herb, has been used for ages to treat indigestion and relieve nausea. Apple Cider VinegarWhen it comes to home remedies for upset stomach, apple cider vinegar definitely ranks among the best. The high pectin concentration in apple cider vinegar soothes an irritated stomach and relieves nausea. Also, it contains antioxidants and phytonutrients that help improve digestion and stimulate bile flow.Use a blender to extract one teaspoon of mint juice from fresh mint leaves. YogurtAnother very promising ingredient used for treating upset stomach and indigestion is yogurt. Drink this twice daily for two to three days to get rid of stomach ache and diarrhea.Add one teaspoon of dried mint leaves to one cup of boiling water. You can also add banana or apple slices to it to enhance the taste as well as effectiveness. Fenugreek SeedsAnother excellent home remedy to fight upset stomach and gastritis is fenugreek seeds.

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