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A dental abscess occurs when there is an infection to a small area of tissue and the body is able to seal off the infection and keep it from spreading further.
The inflamed area can burst, allowing the pus to drain out, but it will come back if the cause of infection is not removed. In some patients, a dental abscess may penetrate the bone and start draining into the surrounding tissues creating a localized facial swelling.
We are a full service dental practice that specializes in relaxation and cosmetic dentistry services, dental implants, TMJ disorder treatment, periodontal disease treatment, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers, and other restorative dental care. Root canal infections require professional treatment that removes infected nerves and diseased tissue from inside the tooth. We Wanted to Offer You an Inside Look at a Patient’s Digital X-rays on Two Teeth That Required Root Canals.
Every nook and cranny in our beautifully designed facility was planned with the comfort of your entire family in mind. Damage caused by cavities, cracks in enamel, and extensive teeth decay make it possible for infectious microorganisms to enter through the mouth. A small opening is made in the surface enamel that gives access to infected roots and nerves. You will be relaxed, lying back in a chair that feels like a beautiful home recliner, with staff that makes you comfortable and happy the entire time! Lakefront Family Dentistry specializes in restoring beautiful smiles to patients in Riverside County. In line with our commitment to unparalleled, premium care, our state-of-the-art facility has in-house equipment that gives our patients an added convenience of same-day services. Here are some restorative options we may recommend, depending on the condition and location of the affected tooth, as well as your budget. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art CEREC technology we routinely use to create flawless porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges that are made from durable, high-quality porcelain. New porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges are custom colored to match your natural teeth and can last 10 years or more. White fillings are made using a composite material that is custom colored to blend with your natural tooth. We are fully committed to achieving 100% patient satisfaction at Lakefront Family Dentistry.
Please call us at (951) 244-9495 to discuss options for a root canal treatment ,as well as the best dental restorative options.
Gum infection is primarily caused by overgrowth of harmful bacteria as a result of poor oral and dental hygiene. Clove has been in use since time immemorial as a handy remedy for alleviating tooth pain and gum pain.
Tea tree oil is well known for its strong antibiotic properties and is used against various diseases. Since plaque (a bacteria) is the main factor behind any gum disease, tea tree oil is a useful remedy. This particular herb is native to North America and is popular for its antibacterial action.
The active agent in peppermint is menthol that has anti-inflammatory properties and is also soothing on the gums. Primarily a culinary herb, thyme is a good remedy for gum infections owing to its antifungal and antiseptic properties.

Openings in the tooth enamel allow bacteria to infect the nerve tissue (the pulp) in the center of the tooth.
The bacteria and host cells cause quick destruction of connective tissues around the tooth and into the jawbones as the dental abscess develops. X-rays of the teeth are usually necessary to show smaller abscesses that may be at the deepest part of the tooth. These are located at the apex of an infected tooth surrounding the roots. This type of dental abscess can occur on any tooth that has severe decay or is broken or chipped. These are located in the periodontal ligament (PDL) surrounding the tooth. This type of dentalabscess will commonly involve the mandibular and maxillary first molars, maxillary incisors, and cuspids, followed by maxillary second molars. Even after the root canal therapy is completed, the dentist may want to see the patient periodically to ensure the area is healing properly. Marielaina Perrone's advanced training and years of experience translate into greater confidence and convenience for your entire family. Only a qualified dentist or endodontist (dental specialist) can determine whether this type of therapy is necessary.
Hauser will personally assess any symptoms you are experiencing and perform a thorough examination of your mouth to determine the proper path of treatment.
Without proper treatment, resulting damage will require a tooth extraction (which may compromise the structure and performance of remaining teeth).
We provide a calming atmosphere with ambience that helps our patients relax to reduce any feelings of anxiety. Once inside, this infectious bacteria moves through the canal and to the jawbone, causing damage to the pulp (area in center of tooth containing nerves and tissues).
In most cases, we can complete treatment and place permanent restorative treatments all in one day.
Hauser Also Did a Root Canal on One of This Patient’s Teeth, as Well as a Dental Implant and all New CEREC Teeth. Regardless of the dental condition or treatment needed to bring back a gorgeous smile, we strive to exceed your expectations by providing a painless, relaxing experience during your visit.
Gingivitis is the initial stage and if kept unchecked the gum infection can turn into more serious periodontal disease.
Herbal remedies not only fight the bacteria causing gum infections but also reduce pain associated with it. Topical application of the oil on the infected gums eases away the pain quickly since it is a soothing herb. It is traditionally used along with echinacea (another herb with antibacterial properties). It is traditionally used as a remedy for cold, flu, headache, upset stomach, sinus infection and infection in the respiratory tract.
When combined with thyme and other such antibacterial herbs, the effectiveness of peppermint in treating toothache along with oral infections increases. The active agent in thyme is thymol, which is an important essential oil with strong antiseptic and antifungal properties.
It contains volatile oils that are calming, nervine and analgesic that relieve from pain, anxiety and tension. Because of its analgesic effect, chamomile readily reduces the pain caused by gum infection. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

Infection may spread out from the root of the tooth and out to the surrounding bones supporting the tooth.
This pus pocket is the dental abscess, which is represented by inflammation, redness, and pain.
The objective of any treatment is to remove the infection, save the tooth (if possible), and prevent further complications. You’ll find complete dental expertise, utilizing the latest advancements in dentistry, all here under one roof. Hauser has significant experience performing root canals and places an extremely high emphasis to ensuring the ultimate comfort for our patients during every visit to our office. Once completely comfortable, his Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Function Level II and Dental Assistant help keep the area dry and prevent saliva or other debris from invading any exposed areas. Most teeth have one or two canals, but a root canal molar may have up to four, depending on the  person’s mouth structure. Hauser has spent 20 years perfecting and practicing advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques we use to create amazing dental transformations for many of our patients. Besides, being an organic solvent tea tree oil dissolves WBC lumps and hence prevent formation of pus. The active compound in goldenseal is berberine that is effective in killing various strains of bacteria. Owing to its strong antiviral and antibacterial properties, peppermint is widely used as a remedy for gum infections.
It has amazing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties owing to the presence of volatile oils such as bisabolol and its oxides, matricin, etc.
Generally, the pain does not travel across the face, only up or down as the nerves that serve each side of the face are separate. Prompt treatment of dental cavities reduces the risk of a dental abscess. Teeth that have been subject to trauma should be examined immediately by the dentist. Widely known in the medical community, A-dec chairs and equipment are consistently voted as “best in class” and rated #1 for overall quality by 60% of dentists. Its effectiveness in treating gum infection and disease is due to its antiseptic properties that rapidly kill bacteria (much faster than living tissue does).
When used along with fenugreek, its effectiveness in treating bacterial infections gets doubled. Hauser, DDS, has a stellar reputation across the Inland Empire as being a family dentist, performing remarkable smile transformations to patients for 20 years.
It is easily available as chamomile mouthwash and you should gargle with it at least 4 times daily.
A chronic dental abscess may produce a dull pain with intermittent swelling, but can develop into an acute abscess at any point.
Sometimes the infection can progress to the point where swelling threatens to block the airway, causing difficulty breathing. A dental abscess can also make you feel ill, with nausea, vomiting, fevers, chills, and sweats.

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