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Its important to have a first aid kit because when you beta gets sick, most effective beta medications cannot be found at pet stores, and many of you live in areas where even your fish store will not carry them.
So as the water becomes contaminated and saturated with excrement, leftover food, and as the rocks start eroding, as the plants start decaying there is a very good chance that you fish might get popeye. Ick is a common disease and is very contagious, since its contagious, once you see symptoms of that disease on any fish, immediately do a full water change and start the treatment.
Betta fungus can be caused by many factors, the most common of which is an unclean habitat. So as the water becomes contaminated and saturated with excrement, leftover food, and as the rocks start eroding, as the plants start decaying, and the fish is constant respiring, you need to remain vigilant about your fish’s water quality, otherwise not only will your habitat develop fungus, but your little marine friend will inevitably develop fungus as well!
So how can you cure (and prevent) betta fungus?Adding aquarium salt to your fish’s habitat is an extremely effective way to combat betta fungus and to prevent it from occurring again in the future. As Velvet is highly contagious it is important to eradicate this problem as soon as possible. If betta’s water become dirty with un eaten food, fish wates and unwanted chemicals, and if its not filtered time to time, bacterias populated in abundance and attach your fish. Betta may have clamped fins, lay at bottom or at surface, not eat, lose its color, turn gray, barely swim around. If the sick bettas are small fries, I truly recommend using Tetracycline or Ampicillin combined with Fungus Eliminator, or whatever you find at your store look for “broad spectrum” antibiotics, though a good one is Kanamycin if you can find some.
If you find more dish dead suddenly one day, immediately quarantine other fish into a seperate bowl in which no other fish were living before.
Stay away from live food and from sickly looking pet store bettas and as I said select your fish suppliers carefully. Bettas with a swim bladder disorder will have difficulty swimming, because their swim bladder (located alongside the spine between the belly and the tail) is either too short (causing them to not be able to swim horizontally) or it is swollen (causing them to float on one side). There is no specific timeframe for recovery from swim bladder disease but in most cases you should see some results within a week. Help: Unknown White Growth On Plakat - 149350 REGISTER - JOIN Remember Me?
Help: Unknown White Growth On PlakatUnknown White Growth On Plakat in the Betta Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish Forums category. Since it seems we would be changing his medicine treatement, would it be good to do a water change on him to try to get rid of the first treatment before doing any other treatment? It looks like fungus, but is there any chance he is rubbing on anything and cutting himself? Get the FishLore App Free FishLore Books Freshwater Aquarium Book Saltwater Aquarium and Reef Tank Book Helpful Tips Aquarium Fish Forum Quick Menu Freshwater Aquarium Fish Forum Freshwater Fish Beginners Freshwater Aquarium Equipment More Freshwater Aquarium Topics Freshwater Fish and Inverts Ponds Brackish Tanks Saltwater Aquarium Fish Forum Saltwater Fish Beginners Saltwater Aquarium Equipment More Saltwater Aquarium Topics Saltwater Fish and Inverts General Aquarium Forum General Discussion Member Fish Tanks Member Photos Member Videos Misc.
Again Popeye is due to poor water condition,if water is kept clean you have maintained good water condition, he is not very likely to get Popeye. Look at the picture above, bloated stomach is a indication of Dropsy Very little is know about it, but what causes the raised scales is fluid building up under the skin, inside the betta’s tissue. Treatment is aimed at the free swimming stage and there are good cures available from your local freshwater aquarium fish store.
In more advanced cases, its body may start developing red patches, open sores and all kinds of nasty looking stuff. Clean filter, change filtering system, remove any uneaten food rotting, or any dead fish!!! Follow manufacturer’s instructions and don’t stop the treatment until your bettas are well again. Gills may look red on the inside (inflamed) or not, your betta may be gasping for air, unable to breath and ultimately die.

In the case of a short swim bladder, the bettas will not be able to maneuver and swimming becomes so difficult, they prefer to just lay at the bottom, sliding on their bellies. Also try using a high protein food such as frozen bloodworm or frozen brine shrimp (you wont need a lot) as this can boost their immune system. Good thing is, Triple Sulfua is a broad spectrum antibiotic to treat both positive and negative gram bacterial infection.
Accumulation of rotten food and fish waste kept un cleaned for a long time causes this problem. He may be still active and eating normally, or may have stopped eating, fins may be clumped, color may be pale and your betta fish may be sluggish.
In about 2 to 7 days the eye might look so bulged that you will be afraid to look at your betta.
Ick is temperature sensitive and hence raise temperature to 85 F and add one drop of Aquarisol per gal every day until cured. Since your bettas have a limited ecosystem (limited tank size), same water, food wastes, fish wastes create problematic fungal diseses in fish.
If betta is jarred, then as usual, figure out how much water your jar contains and divide the quantity of medication accordingly. It can mimic a large variety of other diseases, making it hard to diagnosis mycobacteriosis. This medication is usually given to help your Bettas immune system prevent any new disease that may crop up while the SBD causes stress in your fish. The only other thing that I could think of was maybe doing some salt treatment in his tank.
That piece of driftwood has since been removed and now he has nothing but big leafed plants in his tank. This past Tuesday, as I was feeding my betta fish I've had for about a year and a half, I noticed that he had some white fuzz on his right side. Most bettas make a full recovery from it and look normal again, as if nothing had happened. Because velvet is very VERY contagious, it is preferable to treat the whole tank when one fish is found to have it. The carbon would otherwise absorb all the medication and you would be flushing your money down the tube. While not causing your fish any pain, SBD does cause your Betta stress as it makes it harder for it to get to the surface for air.
Continue to feed small amounts once a day until you see some improvement in your Bettas swimming ability. Only have been doing half of the dosage, only because we didn't know how he would react to it. If not, I might suspect finrot(bacterial brought on by Aeromonas treat with Furan 2 and yes finrot and affect the body). Only some of the popeye cases are caused by the terminal diseases mentioned above and will result in your betta dying.
Although dropsy (the symptom) itself is not contagious, bacteria that causes this disease may be contagious.
BettaZing contains two agents that are proven velvet killers, so it is extreamly effective against this disease; best velvet killer. Ultimately, the bacteria will attack the internal organs, especially liver and kidneys and cause organ failure followed by sudden death of your fish. You can instanly help it out by lowering the water level making less work for the fish to breath.

We have been wondering if it fungus and just happen to have on hand Tetra Fungus Guard and Tetra Ick Guard. Also high temperatures encourage the growth of fungal and columnaris bacteria so it is recommended to keep temperature at the lower end range. I noticed that the fuzz came from of large hole at the beginning of his anal fin, and fell off while I was trying to catch him in a net. In that case, the popeye may not be curable or even if it gets better the fish will die (because tuberculosis is not curable and always kills its host).
I assumed I clipped him while doing a water change, as he was acting a little weird during the one I gave him the day before, hiding under an anubias for most of the time. In short the fish will have died, not of the popeye itself, but because of the more serious disease that triggered it. Ick are sensitive to heat and will detach from fish at higher temperature, at the same time Aquarisol medicine abosrbs ick and kills it. I also noticed the ammonia was a touch high, around .25 ppm, and was due to a clogged pre-filter sponge hindering the filter flow. Fish tuberculosis can be resident in water but has also been linked to live foods .Researchers found cases of live foods infected by tuberculosis etc and is mainly passed by eating contaminated live food, or eating a dead fish that was a carrier, etc.
Stress Coat is recommended when medicating as some medications strip fish of their slimecoat.
After doing a 50% water change and cleaning the sponge, I raised the temperature to about 84 degrees Fahrenheit, as I've heard that raising the temperature can help betta fish fight and prevent infection. So for a 2 gallon of water, open the capsule and take the right proportion of powder and sprinkle on jar water. Its better to not to feed any live foods to bettas (live worms etc), just to be on the safe side. I added a double dose of stress coat as well.Two days after, I noticed that the hole had become larger, appearing to rot away part of his anal fin close to the body and spreading to his left side. For very stubborn or very fast invasive fungus, use fungus Eliminator AND Bettazing TOGETHER, both at full dosage. However, micro worms, vinegar eel as well as any home hatched brine shrimp are 100% safe and mycobacteriosis free.
We have his tank right next to the dining room table so he gets to sit with us at every meal! But I assume you guys have seen more illness than me, and would be able to tell if it is columnaris or something else. Other than he hole, he is hiding more than usual, is a little lethargic, and has slightly labored breathing. I'm not sure if he's eating, but I'm sure he'd peck at some frozen fair is it came down to feeding him meds. I try is give a 25% change every week, but my life has been a little crazy lately and I haven't been able to really keep up this schedule. I use city water, which is a little basic (high sevens to eight depending on the season) and around 8 degrees hardness if I'm remembering correctly (though his tank has a tendency to be a little due to evaporation).

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