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Every woman has a unique vaginal microbiome, according to a new study that could change how doctors diagnose and treat gynecological disease. During a 16-week study, scientists analyzed microbial samples taken from the vaginas of 32 women. Published in Science Translational Medicine (1), the results suggest that doctors need to rethink the commonly held belief that all women have the same bacteria in their vagina. Characterizing the different vaginal microbial types, represented here, that exist may help doctors develop distinct probiotics to better treat and maintain the health of all women’s reproductive tracts, even though bacterial ecosystems vary. Previously, Ravel and others have shown that five distinct types of microbial communities exist in the vagina. To identify changes in the microbial communities, Ravel and his collaborators sequenced bacterial rRNA genes from the samples. The most surprising finding was the dramatic day-to-day changes in some of the vaginal microbiomes, Ravel said.

But despite their microbial differences, the analysis showed that women are still producing the same metabolites. Next Ravel and Forney's team plans to continue their study of vaginal ecosystems by sampling 135 women each day for 10 weeks. In the end, the researchers discovered that not only is each woman’s vaginal microbial community unique but also these microbiomes can change drastically in just days.
Therefore, it’s unlikely that all women would respond favorably to identical treatments for bacterial vaginosis and other infections of that part of the birth canal.
As in previous studies, the scientists characterized each woman's bacterial colony into one of five types based on the different kinds and quantities of each bacteria present. Scientists don't know the exact purpose that the vaginal microbes serve, why they vary, or why they produce the same byproducts. The results should clue scientists in to the behavior that causes vaginal bacterial colonies to change and what the microbial community is like just prior to infection.

In this new study, Ravel and his colleagues asked 32 women to take swaps of their vagina twice a week for 16 weeks. Then, in the event of an infection, doctors could more accurately prescribe a probiotic unique to the woman’s microbial make-up, instead of a general antibiotic.
Each week, the women sent the samples along with a diary of their sexual and hygiene habits to the researchers.
This was the first study to look at women’s vaginal ecosystems over an extended period of time.

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