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Dog Treat Maze at Canine Concepts contactsitemap Welcome, Log in Cart: 0 product products ?0.00 (empty)Your Account Sale Dog Products Cat Products Getting a new Puppy? There is a growing uproar amongst AKC delegates and the dog fancy in general about a new AKC endorsement. AKC judges are invited to officiate in China at shows run by one of the official Chinese Kennel Clubs. Here at home in the U.S, ingredients from China used in the manufacture of animal treats may be the cause of dogs across the country getting sick. As the FDA investigation is not as yet final, there is no definitive proof as to where the problem has originated.
I have also just been informed that the AKC hires an independent company to find and investigate products for AKC’s sponsorship.
Mikki Deluxe Treat Bag at Canine Concepts contactsitemap Welcome, Log in Cart: 0 product products ?0.00 (empty)Your Account Sale Dog Products Cat Products Getting a new Puppy?

No longer is geek chic limited to the human race, because here comes the DNA rubber chew toy from manufacturer JW PET. The design of the chew toy makes it ideal for anyone with a playful dog because of its ability to stretch and twist to its natural shape and composition. It has been reported that the AKC has given their stamp of approval to dog treats containing ingredients from China that may be harmful to our animals. They travel to this country where they never would have dreamed of going not that long ago. The FDA is still investigating, but I was brought up believing that where there’s smoke there’s fire. Now your pets can join you in the wonderful world of science and the fashions that come from, it and that canine friend in your life can make a fashion statement of their own.
Because of the spiral shape, there is even room to stuff treats for your loved furry companions.

We all knew “They eat dogs in China.” Even today there are those who still feel that sending a dog to China is sending it to a horrible life and find it totally unacceptable. Don’t you think we should stop giving our dogs these treats which, by the way, carry the AKC logo until the investigation has concluded? Your dogs can enjoy the DNA rubber chew toy as much as you will love showing it off at the dog park. Maybe the AKC should reconsider giving logo rights to the company that may be manufacturing food that may not pass FDA standards. Their reports say that the dogs they see, both in the ring and on the street, look healthy and very well cared for.

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