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Alexander Technique is an excellent way to foster an objective view of oneself and one’s personal weaknesses.
Also much like Feldenkrais and Trager therapy, Alexander Technique is a relatively new habit reversal training modality grounded in empirical observations and applied using the scientific method.
I come across a new disgusting Halloween snack every year that gets added to my recipe book.

This can be very important to those whose compulsive picking habit stems from poor body self-image (body dysmorphic disorder) or shame of some sort. This is not your stereotypical touchy-feely new age self-help therapy — Alexander Technique is focused on improving movement patterns in the body, raising awareness in the mind, and providing concrete lessons for achieving definite goals in the committed student. Gross Halloween recipes are fun for parties, especially as an addition to a spooky buffet table.

I get such a reaction out of the kids that I also like to make easy but gross Halloween snacks for after school.

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