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To stay away from fungal infection a few simple steps can prove helpful.  Bathe daily using any mild soap to remove dirt and oil from your body.
Avoid tight shoes and undergarments if you are the resident of hot and humid area or during summer. If possible, change your clothes whenever it gets wet with sweat or you have finished work.
If you are already a fungal infection patient, wash your clothes after use with hot water and soak them in antiseptic or anti-fungal solutions before drying them completely.

The infection usually occurs due to sweat, perspiration and moisture left on the skin and action of fungal spores on them. Ordinary treatment with the help of normal antibiotic or antiseptic creams cannot cure fungal infection.
Tight shoes and garments hinders proper air circulation in your body and let sweat accumulate there where fungal infection usually starts. But whenever you are going to public dressing room or swimming pool or showers do not go there on bare foot.

But if the situation gets complicated do not forget to visit your doctor or a dermatologist.

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