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In some cases, a standard root canal may not be sufficient to treat an infected or abscessed pet tooth.
Although this procedure is considered endodontic treatment, it requires surgical incision of soft tissue, bone and dental tissue. A thorough exam and veterinary dental radiographs will determine the extent of infection and the type of root canal treatment necessary for your pet.
While a source of heat is important for your reptile's thermoregulation, some heat sources can burn the reptile as it tries to get closer to the heat source.
A gentle, affectionate dog that loves children and can be considered a big lap dog, the American Bulldog is alert, confident and loyal to its people. From the relatively safe vantage point of the United States, it’s easy to forget how bad the rabies virus can be in countries where the animal population is not routinely and thoroughly vaccinated against it. Cats love to play with little things, but when they start swallowing them, things can get messy.

Use the petMD veterinary approved healthy weight calculator to determine if your pet is at his or her ideal weight, and whether you need to make some food and activity changes.
The main problems is risk of infection - you should use antiseptic skin ointment on the wound, ideally containing iodine. Just because your food-dispensing cat toy can be filled with just about anything, doesn’t mean you should. Despite its potential benefits, you don't want to overuse a food-dispensing cat toy (especially if you use cat kibble in the toy).
Surgical excision of a small portion of a dog or cat’s infected root tip followed with root end filling may be necessary to treat an abscessed tooth root. Signing up for MypetMD is easy, free and puts the most relevant content at your fingertips. If your cat is hacking up the occasional hairball, a small change in diet can help to prevent them.

For Kitty the cat, all of her nine lives would have passed at once had surgeons not found the culprit of her misery. Look for one that can withstand you cat’s repeated punishment, and if the rough play becomes so intense that your cat is at risk of injury, take the toy away.
Only stuff the cat toys with healthy treats and consult with your veterinarian prior to making treat giving a routine. We have our own quirks here in the offices of petMD, but one thing we can say is true: dogs do act like children. Then you make want to consider using a food-dispensing (also known as treat-dispensing) cat toy, which provides both physical and mental stimulation during snack times.

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